Inspired by the life of Prophet Muhammad a Hindu Marwari wrote a book on him


rajeev2By Asma Khan,MM,

Prophet Muhammad has always been an inspiration for millions of people,  Rajeev Sharma, a Hindu youth is one of those inspired persons. Life of prophet Muhammad had such a great influence on Rajeev that he made up his mind for writing a biography about  the Prophet in “Marwari” language. The name of the book is  “Paigamber Ro Paigam”.

Rajeev Sharma was born in 1987, in Kolasiya ,a village in  Jhunjhunu of Rajasthan. He started his own library in his village when he was in 9th standard. The library was known as “Gaon ka Gurukul”.

He has a habit of reading new books and this is how he  got a chance to read about Prophet Muhammad.  Although he  had read numerous books but after reading about Muhammad, he got so heavily influenced that he couldn’t stop himself from writing a complete book on him. The language that he chose to write in was  “Marwari “,  a local language of Rajasthan. This is the first time that someone has written an original  biography about the life of Prophet Muhammad  in “Marwari” claims Rajeev Sharma.

He knew  that writing a book about the life of Muhammad could create problems for him , but he went ahead fearlessly  and completed the book .

 The book says that there is only one God who has the supreme power. People call him Allah,  bharwaan, ishwar and many other names. Irrespective of the names that are being taken by different people the God is one and only who holds the supreme power, that’s is Allah.

The writer of this book is so greatly influenced by such a great personality muhammad (swt) who was a messenger of God, that he decided to write this book on his life in one of the regional languages of Rajasthan region.

Rajeev Sharma
Rajeev Sharma

He mentions in the book that how much the  “Prophet used to hate the practice of taking  ‘interest’ (Byaj or Sood ) from people. It was very much disliked by Allah and so by him. The writer reminds of a incident in his own village where a priest who used to perform all the Hindu rituals that are supposed to occur at the time of marriages and other functions , the  priest felt pride in lending the money to the poors  on heavy ‘interest’ as because he knew  that who took money from the him would never be able to re pay the amount even if they do so for next 20 years and would continue to pay the interest. The writer is greatly influenced by the unlawfulness of ‘ interest money’ in Islam and in the teachings of the Prophet.

Some of the teachings which moved the writer and made an impact on him are also mentioned in the book are given below precisely.

The Prophet  fought for women’s  empowerment. He also told people not to fight with each other and to keep calm and be happy with whatever Allah has provided us .

Prophet also  told that “Allah wants to be gentle towards animals, they are the ones who cannot speak and neither express their pain. We should not exploit animals else Allah can punish us even more severely than what we could do with the animals”.

Prophet told “we should obey our parents and should never hurt them as Allah has created parents on earth who could take care of his children “.

It has also been narrated by the Prophet that heaven lies under the feet mother and so we should always give love, respect and obey her as the way to enter paradise  is through her feet.

“Death is a reality and life is fake . Everybody who has taken birth on this earth has to go back again for the judgement day and has to face the death. We have been sent on earth for an examination for which we need to prepare ourselves well by doing the right deeds and following what has been instructed by Allah”.

“Paigambar Ro Paigam is already being appreciated by many. I have already received over 12,000 hits on my website for this. People across the globe have downloaded it,”  says Mr Sharma . The book is available online but if he finds a good publisher, he is ready to print the book too.


  1. Assalamu Alaikum Shaban & Jumma Mubark.
    Dear sister in Islam Asma Khan,
    Thank you for mentioning the name of Marawari Gentleman influenced by life of Holy Prophet Mohammed(MSAS) & Composed his Book on the life of Holy Mohammed(MSAS). You wrote that one has to face Judgement day and face death again. Either you have scanty knowledge of Islam or wrote by Error.
    Life is not fake: Life is a test. ALLAH SWT has created intelligent
    beings namely Jinnath & Insan to know HIM by signs & Science &
    glorify & bow down to HIM alone & no other.
    Now they say Apna Dohi ko koi Khaata bolta Nahi.
    So let me Quote from Bible : Leviticus 26:1 .
    Ye shall make no Idol or graven Image …………….. I am the LORD your GOD”
    Life is therefor not fake .Its a Taste & the best code of life is
    Then We must live with piety with all human being. That why ALLAH SWT blessed Holy Mohammed as a rahmat to mankind.
    Life is not fake & life has no end . Life has no way out though one has to change from this to the World of Eternity.
    The Soul does not die, the memory does never fade away , Out faith or disbelief in ALLAH cannot be obliterated.
    ALLAH SWT will destroy this universe : roll it & unroll a new universe.
    Scientist also agree that the universe will collapse.
    On the Day of Judgement , Resurrection will take place & All will be called out of graves & run nude to the Field of the Judgement.
    ( You do not believe?) Read how ALLAH SWT granted power to Holy Jesus to call people out of graves & Holy Prophet Ezekiel( Hizakiel) revived over 4000 people near Oman from the valley of the Bones.
    People of paradise will know their parents & all relatives. There will never be other death , but suffering for those in hell & ever living for people in Paradise.
    Coming back to Holy Mohammed(MSAS) Listen to short Gazal of Talat Mahmud( Huzurey Akram Nabiyey Ala)
    The name of Holy Prophet Mohammed was created before the creation of Holy Adam(AS) The name of Holy Mohammed MSAS was mentioned in all previous Holy Books; but liars removed it.
    ALLAH HIMSELF love Holy Mohammed so much that HE ordered us to read Durud on holy Prophet.
    Our Namaz contain the name of Holy Mohammed: Our head is Meem, On Rukuh (Hey) re standing Meem& on Shujud (Daal)
    Because I am though a PHD, I still consider myself a Student of Islamic
    Sociology & Science & I swim through the oceanic knowledge of Islam : ALLAH Quran & Holy Mohammed, but find no end.
    Anyway Let us gain a little knowledge: Read The Bible, The Quran & Science by DR.Mourice Bucaille & Read Authentic Hadis of Holy Mohammed MSAS. His Holy Body had no Shadow. His nerve cod was cut, He was born Circumcised ,He prostrated & read Kalima)
    All Idols of Holy Kaba were dislodged at His birth.
    You do not believe: See How a New born child says: ALLAAH.ALLAH.
    Be on truth & ALLALH SWT will guide you. Thank You.

    • “Everybody who has taken birth on this earth has to go back again for the judgement day and has to face the death” he mean to say that all will die and return to GOD.

    • Dear Asma.
      Asslaaam alaikum

      great job no words to express for the work done by Mr.Rajeev sharma.
      Could you please send me his emal and mobile no
      for which I will be be thankfu.

      Imtiyaz A bukhari.

  2. @Plain truth first appreciate that young boy’s effort,who having SHARMA not like AGANGAR ANKIT(Sharma)who always criticised Muslims in a filthy language.
    Yes life is fake,without follow d prophet Mohammad life,with in ourself. After judgment one who have Jannah,or Jahannam,by their own deeds good or bad.I agreed u r Ph D.Now that young boy is BEGINNER.Don’t confuse him by your broad sense of knowledge.How he explains about animals,

    • i have few questions

      1) who created us ? .. if your allah created us then who created him ?
      2) whr is jannah or jahannam ?
      3) if allah was created by some1 who created the one who created allah ?

      • Dear Ankit,
        Thank you for your precious Question.
        All Philosophers & Holy Rishies & Holy Munis & Holy Prophets engaged their lives on Metaphysical Theology and discovered at the end that they were swiming in the vast ocean & could not drink a drop of knowledge.
        All Philosophers from Plato Aristotol & the like were confused & expressed their opinions based on fantacy but truth Contained in all Holy Scriptures:
        Veda: Announced the supremacy of ONE ALMIGHTY EISHWAR: PARAMATMA. Same contained in all Holy Scriptures : Holy Psalm, Holy Totah, Holy Bible & finally Holy Quran.
        We are created not Creator & confined to scanty knowledge. Scientists play games with the perticles created by ALLAH the ALMIGHTY. They created nothing. As I say we have limited ability: Can we count the grains of the Earth, Can we measure the
        ocenic foams & water. Can we count the waves of ocean .
        Your Soul lives within you. Do you know where your soul resides, what is the color of your soul.
        Can yoo count the Stars swiming above?
        Can your Scientists create black whole?
        Donot ask for the answer of impossible. We poor Muslims are thankful to ALLAH SWT for granting us the glorious Holy Quran containing vast scientific
        information & allowing us to have faith in the Supreme CREATOR of both Universe & as a result
        the Highly educated people are accepting Islam in west against all odds.
        Read the Bible, the Quran & the Science & listen to the lectures of Dr.Zakir nayak perchance ALLAH may bless you to accept Islam.
        Do you know why ALLAH SWT kept Holy Mohammed an unlettered Holy prophet?
        Because Holy Prophet had all knowledge from the Creator ALLAH SWT.
        ALLAH HIMSELF said in glorious holy Quran:
        if all trees are made pens, all oceans made ink & if all Angels & human write on my glory, ink will dryup but they can never glorify me enough for the vast Creation.
        I have no knowledge ,no power but only we pray humbly to ALLAH SWT to guide all to truth of islam & piety .
        For there is certainly life after death, certainly ALLAH SWT will roll this universe & unroll next Universe & call for the Judgement day and the holy ones in paradise will live in bliss for ever.
        People of next universe will not have hollow noses
        will not breath in & out. Will not have feeling of thirst or extrecation or ejaculation.
        That world be similar to the residence of Prophet Adam in which He dwelt with Eve before he was sent to this Earth.
        Dear friend, The Historians are confused & state the land of Giants. But Holy Prophet Adam was 90 Feet Tall, People of Add used to build building on the Mountains. All are historical facts & discovered
        in all places. Sodom & Gomerah, The Notorious city of Jamaica, The Golden city of Krisna in Jamnagar India. & many poor destroy for their sins.
        All mentioned in Holy Quran for Holy Quran desciribe the Sign & science for there is the Supreme CREATOR ALMIGHTY ALLAH called in many Holy Names.
        For byour knowledge Visit the grave yard of Oman. You will find many Holy Prophets resting there:
        Graves measure: 40 feet in length & over 32 feet wide. Its fact & not fiction for ALLAH SWT bestowed holy Quran on mankind with truth & nothing but truth.
        “What benefits a man if he gains whole world & loses his own soul”
        Thank you.

  3. To day it is most important for d people who think caretaker of animals themselves.Interest,parents care,how he simply,heart fully explained. ALMIGHTY ALLAH give him more knowledge about EMAAN and embraced Islam in feature.We pray for this.Alhamdulillah.VALAIKUM ASSALAAM.
    (U know how global economy policy looting poorly people earning money in d name of interest,& how many homes for AGED running because of careless children.He mentioned here because he is from village area).

  4. Dear All, My apology, I must thank Rajeeb Sharma for his indepth studies on the life of Holy Mohammed MSAS & translating to Marweari
    Holy Mohammed is blessed as the Holy Prophet of mankind .
    May ALLAH SWT guide all of us to truth of Islam.

  5. i want to buy the rajeev sharma paigambar-ro-paigam books in all languages please help to buy this books .were the books can i get in bangalore please replay me

  6. Dear Asma

    Asslaaam Alaikum

    Great job done by mr Rajeev sharma.
    could you please send me his email no. and cell no.

    rgds. imtiyaz bukhari


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