Kadar Khan fine, upset with death rumors, busy in studying Quran

Kader Khan giving dars-e-Quran in a TV interview

By Muslim Mirror News,

Mumbai, Feb 8: Amidst rumors about his death this evening, veteran actor Kadar Khan has told he is fine, and his family is really upset with rumors about his death doing the rounds on the social-networking sites. Veteran 77-year-old humor actor has kept himself aloof from cinema world for a long time. He is studying Quran and has got himself engaged in dawah work.

“My family is extremely upset about it. They are very worried. All this has shaken my family. Whoever is spreading such rumours, please stop it,” Kadar told IANS. He has urged gossip mongers to stop spreading rumors. “Ek din toh sabko jana hai aur main aap sabki duayein lekar jaunga, (one day everyone has to die and when I’ll go, I will go with your blessings). Right now I am completely fine,” he added.

Kadar Khan has portrayed diverse characters on screen in his career spanning more than three decades. He has worked in over 450 films.

From negative roles to comedy to character roles, Kadar has portrayed diverse characters on screen in his career spanning almost four decades. He has worked in over 350 films, including “Coolie”, “Baap Numbri Beta Dus Numbri”, “Hum”, “Bol Radha Bol”, “Aankhen”, “Raja Babu” and “Judwaa”.

For about six years, he has not worked in film. Kader Khan last acted in the movie Family: Ties of Blood (2006). In April 2008 he visited Moulana Abul Hasan Nadvi Academy in Bhatkal town of Karnataka. A special session was held at the Jamia Islamia Auditorium where he briefed the students. He has since left Bollywood and turned to the service of Islam.

In a TV interview video clip uploaded on YouTube on 12th Feb. 2012, Kader Khan is studying some verses of the Quran and explaining its meaning to the interviewer.

Born in Kabul, Kader Khan was raised in an impoverished neighbourhood and his family moved to Mumbai when he was 6.


    • it is your decision to think and decide whatever you want to do. But if Allah doesn’t give Hidayat, you wont be on the right track.
      Alhamdulillah he is on the right track now…! Stop criticizing, and judging. Thank Allah for everything !
      Good or bad !

  1. can any body send me link of various dars e quran by khader khan on tv channel in urdu
    and also he wrote a book

  2. I am happy that Qadar khan is reading and studying Quran.Quran has been revealed for guidannce to mankind.God bless him.

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    Thank you

  4. kadar khan has retired from bollywood by choice and he has engrossed himself completely in Islamic literature, a son of an Alim, kada
    khan is trying to fulfilling the dream of his father, a maulana, on islamic literatures. He is also the brand ambassador of india’s only muslim lifestyle magazine, Muallim.

  5. The Death News of Kader Khan was an example of yellow journalism..He is very Much Fine, In-fact I was present in a ceremony where he was declared as a brand Ambassador of India’s only Muslim lifestyle magazine – Muallim’. There he discussed about how he is devoting time in fulfilling his father’s wish of compiling the Digest on various Islamic topics.

  6. subhan allah. Allah jise rakhe use kaun chake good decition mr kadar khan sir allah tala hum sab ke gunaho ko maaf farmaye sarkar sallallahu tala alahi wasallam ke sadke tufail ameen

  7. assalam alaikum kadar khan sir main apse mulakat karna chata hoo main bhi mh saboosiddik college ka studet hoo how can i meet you sir please give me one think i am waiting for your reply thanks you sir

  8. Assalam alaikum . Allah jise rakhe use kaun chake good decition mr kadar khan sir allah tala hum sab ke gunaho ko maaf farmaye sarkar sallallahu tala alahi wasallam ke sadke tufail ameen pls duva me yaad karo………………..

  9. asalamo allaikom qader khan sab kisy ho aap me be afg … sy ho aap k jo islamic bayan hain me hamisha sonta ho aap bohot achy ho agar ho saky aap aana email id mujh ko send kary aap sy bat kany ka bohot shoq hain inshallah agar kabi ana ho to aap sy mulaqat ho sakta hain k nahi aap k reply k intzar me ho allah hafiz a

  10. Assalam walaikum warehmatulla wabarkatuhu .mein aapse age aur experience me bahot chota hoon isliye mein aapkeliye sirf dua karsakta hoon .

  11. Slam Qadar Khan shb, Jab talk Qadir khan Shb jaiae log India m hain uswaqt tak koi bi muslman bhatak ni sakhta,think before abt giving arguments, Khan Shb is Hafiz e Quran aur WO bhale actor hn, bt unki is life ke doran bhi kabhi apne Din ko ni chora, khushi ki bat hai k aise dindar log Bollywood mein mojod hain, we have proud on Khan Shb being a Muslim

  12. qadar khan kya karega din islam ka kam 700 chuhe khakar billi haj ko chali do char dini kitab padhne se kya koi aalim ban jaata hai ? logon ki zindagi ilm hasil karne me lagti hai sari zindagi chhichori acting karta raha yeh.


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