Kejriwal: A Hindu by faith, a Muslim by practice

Arvind Kejriwal

By Syed Zubair Ahmad,

When Arvind Kejriwal was delivering his inaugural speech as Chief Minister of Delhi I was sitting in another  room and listening to him. All of a sudden I heard him saying ‘Mai Allah Ka Shukrya Ada Karta Hun’, I got confused and went to the room where the TV set was on. O my God, it was Kejriwal who uttered this sentence of gratefulness. I did not hear such words of praise of Almighty even from the mouth of a Muslim politician in India.

When I see Kejriwal’s sacrifice and his struggle for the cause of common man, when I see his austerity, his simple life style, his honesty and his straightforwardness i assume him  a Muslim by faith because whatever he calling for or doing is absolutely the teachings of Islam.I don’t think any religion of the world advocates in such a clear terms except Islam  about what Kejriwal is practicing and doing  for the welfare of humanity although all religion of the world teach us to be good and to do good.

Prophet Muhammad said: ‘The best among the people is the one who does good to the people’. It’s Kejriwal who is doing good to the people, who is striving for the betterment of people, who is fighting for the upliftment of the people from  long time.

Prophet Muhammad said that ‘Your worst enemy is your ego’.

Kejriwal in his inaugural speech as the CM asked his supporters to shun all kind of ego otherwise a new movement may start to end our ego.

Prophet Muhammad said ‘Those who take bribe and those who give bribe, both will go to hell’. It’s Kejriwal who is fighting against all kinds of bribe and corruptions. It is Kejriwal who took oath from the people to neither take bribe nor give bribe to anyone.

Prophet Muhammad said ‘Cleanliness is the part of Imaan. When Kejriwal was income tax commissioner he used to clean his  table, when he became politician he took the broom and started cleaning the system.

Prophet Muhammad said ‘Simplicity is the part of Imaan.’ Look at the simplicity of Kejriwal. He is the simplest person by any standard.

Once Prophet Muhammad was sitting on his foot, one of his companions asked ‘why are you sitting like this? The prophet said ‘I am a servant of Almighty Allah and I sit like a servant’. Kejriwal always says ‘meri koee auqaat nhi’  ‘meri koee haisiyat nahi’ I am nothing, I have no status.

Prophet Muhammad said ‘The best form of jihad is to say the truth before the oppressive rulers’. Kejriwal is telling the truth before the rulers.

Muslims believe that the time of death is fixed, and no power of this world can put off  it for a moment. By refusing his security Kejriwal has proved that he also believes in the fixed time of death. He told media persons that if God wants to kill him, no one can save him. And if does not want, no one can kill him.

Islam is the greatest advocate of brotherhood, and it declares all mankind the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. Kejriwal gave the massage of brotherhood by singing the song…insaan se insaan ka ho bhaee chara yahi paigham hamara’

Kejriwal is one of the few Hindu politicians in my knowledge who don’t follow the unethical policy of Chanakya who advocated to ignore all kinds of ethics to grab the power at any cost.

The way Kejriwal and his ministers are roaming freely and contacting people in a move to redress their grievances and solve their problem reminds us the Caliphs of Islamic history when Muslim Caliphs used to roam into the streets to know the problems of the masses.

If Kejriwal really wants to eliminate the corruptions from the society he must know that legislation can never and will never end the corruption from the society. The legislation on rape is before us. In spite of most stringent legislation after 16 Dec incident last year the crime against women rose to 400% in Delhi itself.

Kejriwal needs to apply the following model to end the corruption from the society if he really wants to do so.

During one of his frequent disguised journeys to survey the condition of his people, Caliph Umar overheard a milkmaid refusing to obey her mother’s orders to sell adulterated milk. The mother reportedly told her daughter to add water to the milk as Caliph Umar is not there looking at them. The girl shot back that though Caliph Umar is not looking at them, Allah is always watching over everyone. Next morning Omar sent an officer to purchase milk from the girl and learned that she had kept her resolve; the milk was unadulterated. Umar summoned the girl and her mother to his court and told them what he had heard. Then he offered to marry the girl to his son Asim as a reward. She accepted, and from this union was born a girl named Layla that would in due course become the mother of Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz  (682 A.D.) who is known as Omar II in the Islamic history .

Caliph Omar II was the mightiest ruler of his time on the planet whose authority was spread in three continents – but  Umar died in Ra jab 101 AH at the age of 38 in a rented house at the place called Dair Sim’aan near Homs in Syria . He was buried in Dair Sim’aan on a piece of land he had purchased from a Christian. He reportedly left behind only 17 dinars with a will that out of this amount the rent of the house in which he died and the price of the land in which he was buried would be paid.

Once his wife found him weeping after prayers. She asked what had happened. He replied: “I have been made the ruler over the Muslims and I was thinking of the poor who are starving, and the sick who are destitute, and the naked who are in distress, and the oppressed that are stricken, and the stranger that is in prison, and the venerable elder, and him that had a large family and small means, and the like of them in countries of the earth and the distant provinces, and I felt that my Lord would ask me about them on the Day of Resurrection, and I feared that no defense would avail me (at that time), and I wept.”

The Facebook page of Kejriwal describes him as Gandhis’ Talisman. If  Kejriwal really wants to solve the problems of the masses then he must follow the advice of   Gandhi .Just after the independence in his speech delivered in Kolkata  Mahatma Gandhi said ” that if India finds a man like Omar ibn Khatab all the problems will be solved”.

Gandhi was the greatest supporter of Caliphate Movement and was much influenced by the second Caliph Omar.

Anyway what is supposed to be done by Muslims, Kejriwal is doing,what is responsibility of a Muslim is being performed by Kejriwal , that is why i say ‘Kejriwal is a Hindu by faith and Muslim by practice’  because Islam is a all about  worshiping  God and serving  the  humanity .



  1. Zubair Bhai we (including close relatives and friends) do also feel same about Arvind Kejriwal and hope that good practices may change the fate of the nation. That why we want to extend all possible support to his efforts and his party.

      • Kejriwal will invite Isis to spread Islam in India. They are very sensitive and respect women however their method look freak to normal person.

        • Insert ISLAM in all matter……. what a thought…..
          Please open your mind…… separate religion from Admistration and government……..

        • lmao…. educated fool????….. BJP is making muslims to join ISIS in INDIA oneway or another…. to know BJP’s ways just mail me up i will tell u wht is going on in bjp ruling states????????…Jay hind….
          at least kwjriwal is better than CONGRESS AND BJP “who hv nothing to do but only communism and riots” to creat vote bank ????????

      • islam ko bhart mai phailane se accha hai ki islam ki irak, syria etc., contouries mai raksha karo, aur humanity ko phailao, insaniyat ko phailao, jalim pan ko nahin

        • Did you meet them (isis).Are they really muslim?
          Islam does not teach to kill any innocent people though whether a Muslim or non muslim.
          If someone saying jai Siaram and killing someone it does not mean that he is hindu. The same way if someone saying Allah hu akbar and killed some it does not mean he is a Muslim.
          My brother it is not your mistak , it is all about media.
          May Allah guide you all the right path.

          • Islam has always been a religion of terror and thats how it spread in India. Islam and peace are two words with opposite meanings.

      • Prophet Mohamed (SAL) tried to bring all human beings under one umbrella but failed. Inshaa Allah that will be happened and all will be under one banner one day.

        • @S.M. Sideeque: the only banner all humans should be under is LOVE – not love towards only those who share the same faith, race, or social classes, but love towards everyone regardless of their faith, race, social classes, or even life options.

      • Bullshit. We don’t want religion to rule.Religion private affair purely. And the article simply sucks. kejriwal may be a simple person n a crusader against corruption. But if he has any inclination towards Islam,I will oppose him

  2. He may be a good person but how can you call him a MUSLIM.

    Has he “Submitted his will to Allah(swt)”?
    Does he believe in Quran,Allah’s words and in Our Prophet’s sunnah (pbuh).

    I am open for a debate if you find my words wrong.

        • Did author said somewhere that he is Muslim?
          BAAT YEH HAI KE HUM BAAT SAMAJHNA NAHI CHAHTE, because we will not be able to fit ourselves in that frame.
          Brothers! The crux of matter is to understand Umar RA and his grandson Umar II … and not Kejriwal.
          Let us see what Islam is teaching us and not what media is exhibiting.

        • Spreading hate, shading blood, killing inocent people on the name of Islam , raping women, selling them and calling Islam a peaceful religion! That’s a good joke. No one respect Islam in whole world. People call it religion of terrorist.

          • Yeah Mr. Sushil.. We all know, who was involved in Malegaon Blast, Mecca Masjid Blast, Samjhota Express Blast, Gujrat Massacare and on and on… I’m sure Sadhvi, Purohit, Aseemnand & others are not Muslims and they don’t follow Islam.

            Stop playing blind blaming games and look into your ownselves.

    • I see in the article it says…”Islam is the greatest advocate of brotherhood” … So if he uses the word Bhagvaan and not allah, if he submits to Jesus or Krishna then he is not your brother is it? …Islam believes only in Muslim Brotherhood?

        • I see a very sensible comment which exactly depicts what Islam is all about. I have been fortunate to have lived with a lot of Muslim friends and what they discussed is what you have commented. I wish almost all of Muslims see the world as you and my friends do! Hats off!!

          • The auther is right in every aspect. Brotherhood and sympathy etc. all is concerned to humanity first. Thats for all humans. “Tum un se jang nahin karoge jo tumse jung nahin karta”. “Agar tumhara padosi chahe wo ghair imaan hi kyu na ho, gar wo tumse nakhush hai to tum gnehgaar ho”. Vinnet bhai, off course Islam is about humanity and brotherhood, but it is mis propagated with additional lies by the infiltraters to create hatred against this religion.

      • Did author said somewhere that he is Muslim?
        BAAT YEH HAI KE HUM BAAT SAMAJHNA NAHI CHAHTE, because we will not be able to fit ourselves in that frame.
        Brothers! The crux of matter is to understand Umar RA and his grandson Umar II … and not Kejriwal.
        Let us see what Islam is teaching us and not what media is exhibiting.

      • Let Allah be the judge. The article clearly says “Muslim by practice, but not yet muslim by faith”. He has most of the qualities of a muslim khalifa, has best human material for a just ruler. I agree that the word kaafir is not an abuse and it’s used just to imply that the person doesn’t believe in the islamic tenets but since this word has been maligned so badly by the media as well as some ignorant muslims themselves that it appears that if you called someone a kaafir it means next action to follow will be death to that person. Hence, it hurts a non-muslim when you call him a kaafir. However, when a hindu calls muslims “mlechha”, we are not hurt. Why? Because it’s not generally associated with hate. There are comparatively very very few hindus who say kill the “mlechhas”. So learn to tolerate kaafirs and start behaving with kindness to them and openly protest those who are killing innocent hindus, rather we should go ahead and take every initiative to help protect their life because it’s only if they live, they will have a chance to accept the truth of Islam. Muslims today are in one of the worst phases of its history. We need to correct ourselves in many things.

        • Yes, your’s is absolutely true – muslims now-a-days not adhere to islamic teachiings. That how they should behave socially and too they are not commonly devoted to learn islamic faith and act of Allah’s messenger. they just keep on shouting – ‘KAAFIR’, themselves they don’t realise the meaning and practice of islam. I am an educated person I practised Islam by knowing Rasullallah and other Scholars who practiced the religion in their life. Without sacrificing in Allah’s way you are not going achieve anything good here and hereafter. People try to follow religion as what other judged for them without using there own wisdom.

        • Mr Zaid. If i was the authority to Give Nobel prize for peace, I would nominated you. Brother, you are very right .Muslims and Islam are passing through the worst ever phase. It can revert back, if people like you start preaching the real sense of humanity and brotherhood. Entire world is made by that One Superpower..There can not so many Gods.It is one only. May you call him Allah or some one call him God..or Parmaatmaa..Then, as per Islam why Allah should order to kill his own creation to whom he allowed to get born in different region or religion.? No one has choice to get birth in hindu’s family or Muslim family..Why then islamic people are preaching to kill non muslims or to get them converted into islam..?

        • Rightly said, Good explanation & proper reasoning. When someone from any faith attempts to practice any of Islam, we should support & encourage them so that they are pleased to practice more.

        • aap ki yeh acchi soch aap ke liye hi nahin balki muslims or bharat ki dharam nirpechta ke liye bhi acchi hain, keep it up

        • Your comment was very laudable except the “only if they are alive will they accept the truth of Islam”

          Why are so bent on converting everybody? It’s sheer religious prostitution, nothing decent about it

          The day Muslims will stop proselytising, that day you’ll be able to truly live peacefully with others

      • Renga ji, Kafir ya fir imaan wala, good deeds are always good. Aisa Imaan wala kis kaam ka jo insaaniyat se mehroom ho. Hats off to Kejriwaal. jo kaam imaan waale na kar sake wo is ghair imaan ne kar dikhaya.

      • You are idiot..See even if kejriwal sahab may not be a Muslim..But he supports them to core. Like Yogendra sahab, loves to practice Islam. In Islam practicing is important. not name.

        May allah help Kejriwal sahab to spread the light of Islam in India. That will help more people to accept the only true religion.

    • I agree with you Zeshand Bhai. All precondition is to have faith in ALLAH and HIS Rasool ,then only the claim can stand for the life of UMAR(RTA)

    • You’re absolutely right brother. All this kind of cheap talks smell of political tricks and is definitely not a way to impress Allah. Maybe a few of the naive Muslims may read this and vote for Kejriwal. A kuffar cannot be compared to or better than a Muslim.

      • I am Hindu by birth, I believe One God has created all of us and he loves all of us, u call him allah, we call him Bhagavan, for him we all are same, so please dont insult allah by calling ARVIND as a Kuffer, u and all are same for him I believe

        • This is false understanding.

          The Creator of Hindus CANNOT be same as Creator of Abrahamics (Jews, Christians & Muslims) as the creator of Hindus, the Brahma dies every 311t years and new Brahma is born. For example Hanuma will be next Brahma as said in Ramayana.

          It is a different matter Creator of Abrahamics himself created some Kufrs in the path of Judaism and Christianity as seen by Muslims and vice-versa.

          Please don’t fool Muslims.

          • Being a religious bigot , don’t spoil the name of Secular Indians ,we oppose all religious supremacism ,including yours…

          • Who Told you this? ……….. I said I believe, but U r saying like u met them all …….. Dont fool yourself.

          • Stop this bullshit. Who gave you the authority to talk about Ramayana and Mahabharatha and Geetha ?? Don’t spread Non-sense. God is One is what our Vedas propagate. No body can refute that.

          • Dear SecularIndian

            You’ve either not learnt Hinduism correctly or you’ve been taught Hinduism by someone who does not know it correctly, or may be you’ve been deliberately kept away from the truth of Hinduism.

            It is impossible to give the knowledge of Hinduism and Vedanta in few lines of comments. However I must clear your incorrect understanding. 311t yrs is the life span of Brahmaji the creator of this universe of time & matter. So yes Brahmaji is the creator of my body and everybody’s body but if you’re thinking that it means Brahmaji is my creator then you’re mistaking me as my body. And if you still believe in it as truth then Hindus consider you the biggest fool (just like what you guys call someone as kafir). Then the question is who is my (and Brahmaji’s) Creator? The simplest answer is there is no ‘MY’ Creator. Because ‘MY’ means you and the Creator are separate and in truth you can not separate the Creator from the Creation, like you can not separate dance from a dancer (analogy: dance is creation and dancer the Creator). This Supreme Transcendental Principle which we all call as the ‘true’ Creator, is called as ParaBrahma (Supreme Brahman) not Brahmaji that you are describing. Brahmaji is a principle that arose from the non-dual ParaBrahma, so in a lose and incorrect language we say ParaBrahma/ParamAtma/Narayana/God is the Creator, but again we need to keep in mind the dance & dancer analogy and know that the Creator and the Creation are not separate.

            If you want to know true Hinduism then you must read the Bhagwad Geeta,or Yoga Vasistha. Yoga Vasistha is to Ramayana what Bhagwad Geeta is to Mahabharata. If you dont want to know and continue to spread ignorance about Hinduism then you’re living a life of untruth yourself, I dont think that is sign of being a Muslim.

        • Arvind janab would definitely help Muslims. But it will be better if he accept Islam. His acceptance would help the other kafirs to see the truth. It doesn’t matter if he is support Islam, he has to come out in open and help support the cause of Islam.

        • My definition of Islam is that it’s just another Abrahamic religion which requires you not to question its tenets. Allah is the only god and whatever name others may take to pray to the god are all false

        • Islam-an Arabic word means ‘peace’ Muslim-people who follow the path of peace or acquire peace by submitting their will to Allah(The only one God and God of every creature….he is never born and will never die..he omnipresent …he begets not .nor is he begotten..he is self-sufficient..the most gracious the most merciful)

      • Kindly reflect on what Allaahu Subhaanahu Wa Ta’laa commands:

        60:8 Yusuf Ali

        Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just.

      • You’re saying you’re better just because you are a Muslim?

        Please do stop giving yourself a moral superiority you never had

        You are just pretentious, nothing more

        and I hope you know that a non covered woman like you will be considered a “slut” in most Islamic countries…what a hypocrite you are

    • @zeeshan please have a look at the title of this article-Kejriwal: A Hindu by faith A Muslim by practice

      I don’t feel to elaborate my point-furthermore

    • In a lighter vein: Whoever feels and says ‘Bismilla ir rahman ir rahim’ is said to be a true Muslim. That is said to mean: “It has often been said that the phrase Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim contains the true essence of the entire Qur’an, as well as the true essence of all religions. Muslims often say this phrase when embarking on any significant endeavor, and the phrase is considered by some to be a major pillar of Islam. This expression is so magnificent and so concise that all but one chapter of the Qur’an begins with the words Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim. The common translation: “In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate”.

      And AK47 (as I call Arvind Kejriwal) is not an atheist like me but seems to have great faith in God which word he utters several times during his speeches. So if in a different language than Arabic he says or believes the same thing then he can be seen as Muslim even. So nothing in wrong if a Muslim admirer of his terms him ‘of Hindu faith but Muslim heart’ or so.

    • Assalamoalaykum ! brother did u ever call anyone for Dawah of deen . I think never . So u can’t blame anyone without any effort . Even we can’t call anyone / any non muslim as kafir . Kafir is a person who deny of Islam intentionally , purposely, willfully, stubbornly . Hope u got my point . In Sha Allah

      • What a bunch of hallucinating, deluded group. First you create a contradictory myth of Allah, then you refer and agree with each other. And then it becomes reality.

        What is God/Allah, bt a contradiction in terms, embedded in its definition. Any one of you bright enough to see contradiction in this concept called Allah/God?
        Nop!, I did not think so. ;-(

      • Islam is a organised brigandry of the worst kind of elements and this religion appeals to the basest elements of human character. ISLAM IS A CURSE FOR HUMANITY. HISTORY IS REPLETE WITH ITS BLOODY SINS. SEE THE WRITINGS OF M.A. KHAN, ANWAR SHEIH, IBN WARRAQ, ALI SINA etc.




        • Mr.Din dayal Islam is the religion of peace muslims are not terrorists who killed mahatma gandhi who demolished babri masjid who did malegaon blast and who bombed hiroshima nad nagasaki today islam is fastest growing religion in the world and quran it is mentioned “who killed a human he killed entire humanity” My brother din dayal please first try to research on islam what it says then make ur comments and dont judge the islam by muslim by name judge islam by practising muslim thanks

          • america ke twin towers ko kis ne udaya, fransh ke megagine ke office mai insaniyat ko kis ne mara, sansad par hamla ke security officers ko kis ne mara, hazrat bal mosque par hamla kis ne kiya, banyan ki budh pratima ko kis ne toda, irak or syriya mai insaniyat ki gardan ko kalam kar raha hai, ahmedabad ke temple par bomb blast kis ne kisya, aisi boutht saari ghatnaye hain ko islam ki khasiyat or khubsurati ko darsati hai,

    • By birth human beings are of any religion…. If wish to convert to another they can… and follow that religion, I have heard that Muslim religion has two group, Sunni and Shia.. They don’t attend mosque of another group. Even in Christian also…. Protestant, Baptist, Roman catholic also follow same… Kejriwal may be good person but not capable to run govt. He should not contest Election at all…. (after looking at delhi’s 49Days result) and strongly he should not divide people in the name of religion

    • @zeeshan: I think you didnt read or are not clear what Syed Zubair Ahmad tried to say. He didnt say Mr. kejriwal is a Muslim, however, he did say “Hindu by faith”. Many things that Mr. Kejriwal is doing are similar to what our Prophet Muhammed(PBUH) has advised us to do. If his doing is matching with the saying of the prophet (PBUH), there is not harm to say “Muslim by practice”. However, many Muslims by faith, do practice evil. If you have good faith but you do not bother to practice good things, would be able find any real essence of faith in it. Thank you

    • Maybe the author wants to say “his practices resemble how a normal Muslim should be” (I said normal and not Ideal as an Ideal Muslim is much more than this). So chill and lets support Kejriwal and hope Allah gives him hidayah. Aameen.

    • Zeeshan Bhai… he is doing good for the society, no matter if he is following Islam like Muslim. But if he is following teachings of Hazrat Muhammad, then what all we need. A good person, a good leader who respect Islam. People in Congress and BJP are open enemy of Muslims.

    • Thanks to Zeeshan for enlightening us over what constitutes a true Muslim. I never knew that submitting one’s will to Allah completely is one of the tests to find out whether a person is a true Muslim or not.

    • I think you missed the writer’s point. Islam has universal good values like ‘zero tolerance for corruption’, ‘cleanliness’, ‘good governance’, ’empathy’ etc. People who struggle for this are doing it in line with Islam’s teachings. That is why the writer stated clearly “Hindu by faith” which means he is a Hindu but practices the values of Islam. As a Malaysian, I would call on the different communities in India to work together to forge unity by going beyond narrow parochial interests. Be inclusive, not exclusive. Don’t let ignorance rule our heads and actions.

  3. He deserves moral, vocal, and most importantly monetary support from every Indian to change the present current corrupt and communal politics of governance in country

    • We need to be careful.

      If we, Muslims, put too much hype behind this guy, the Hindu communalists may say he is a Muslim and get his Hindu supporters back off.

      Kejriwal cannot become PM of India with Muslim support alone.

      We need to keep our support appear as secular as possible.

      • Yes ,you are right, why to consider him as a hindu or muslim .. he is from Aam admi, and I dont think Aaam Admi has any religion unless he/she is influenced by some people like Modi or Owaisi,

        Yes these bad politicians can take advantage of Kjri’s muslim support by presenting it in wrong manner. So be careful while giving any public comment. better we will vote and prove rather than talking and putting emotions in front of these stupid Modis and Stupid Ghandhs.

  4. Ive never any muslim leader, saying “main bhagwan ka shukriya karta hu!!” but have often heard hindu leaders saying, mein allah ka shukiya karta hu!!

    • You probably never will. Hindu leaders using “Allah” in their statements makes them “secular”, no? Don’t think it holds true for non-Hindus!

      • #HINDU always try 2 make himself as a #SECULARS coz we learn this way but #ISLAM never teach about #SECULARISm..see in mejority of #ISLAMIC COUNTRY ..what Quran says..all we know..#ISLAM always says about #MUSLIM brotherhood not #KAFIR BRotherhood…Don’t make fool u #MUSLIMS Bro & Sis..i Know truth about #QURAN coz i read it whole..

        • brother jitendra i request you too not to have kafir friends. And if you want to know the true meaning of kafir kindly approach any good learned Imam he will explain. In Indian movies we hear kafir pointing non muslim its not correct. Kafir are those people who betray you from truth knowingly.

        • kafir mean someone who don’t belief in god.
          hindus belief in god
          so please know the truth of the meaning of word.
          muslims, christian all belief in god
          religion is personal matter
          the real religion person and beliefer in god do not have to show or force others.

          • Kafir is the one who does not believe in one God. As per Hindu’s , Muslim’s , Christian and sikh etc the God is one there is no any other than Allah.
            The person who doesn’t believe in God called atheist.
            I hope Gane the doubt is clear

          • @Imran: sorry, but your explanation is not 100% true. “Kafir” comes from the root word “to cover” and is used to call those who know “the truth (according to Islam, of course)” but rejects it. The Koran draws a very definite line in many occasions between Muslims and ahl-ul-kitabs (Christians & Jews), and condemns the latter for denying “the truth”.

            By the way, you are right that Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs all believe in one God, but not necessarily the same God. For example, how the Dharmic traditions approach and explain the concept of God is significantly different to how the Semitic traditions describe “Allah” or “YHW”.

            There is no need to consolidate the difference, though, just to be politically correct. In fact, the true meaning of tolerance and embracing diversity is when we understand the difference and yet still show the same level of respect nonetheless.

          • Hi Chris, I appreciate your comment good that people know little about Islam.
            Then you must also be knowing that Islam means peace which doesn’tbelieve in war.
            Then someone wants to do good then why the above comments why people wants create and show some thing different?

          • @Imran: sorry, but again, you’re not accurate. Yes, Islam has the same root with “salam” (peace), but it does not actually mean “peace”. In fact, if you read the Koran, you will find that the more accurate meaning is “submission” (the theme “submission” is consistent throughout the Koran – as it is throughout the Bible).

            With regards to the second part of your comment, I don’t understand whom it was meant for, but I think you also have to accept the fact that there are Muslims who would act violently in the name of religion – and it has happened many times throughout the history. In fact, some Muslim rulers who explicitly took pride in destroying other places of worship and committing massacres on people of other faiths are still hailed as heroes and greatest warriors right now.

          • Appreciated again Chris,
            Can you list out the muslim terrorist names who are creating violence and with reason.
            There are more non muslim than muslim terrorist. I think it is all reactions. How ever Islam does not teach violence a true muslim is the one who does not kill any one until and unless.

          • @Imran: there’s no point talking about terrorists, because I can see that you have already surrendered yourself to the belief that they are not “true” Muslims, although they may have as much self-justification to their acts as you do to justify your understanding of Islam.

            But since you asked for names, why don’t you Google names like Timur Lenk (Tamerlane) and Aurangzeb, both considered themselves great defenders of their faith – and are still hailed today as great heroes of the faith despite their heinous acts. Don’t get me started with how the Zoroastrians were wiped out off Persia (Iran), and so on.

            Which one of these were reactions? And what are your justifications on their acts? Let me know your thoughts.

          • Chris, you got only two names that too it was well planned by yahoodis unfortunately these people name comes in picture. I still say it is not your problem it is media which is there from that time.
            However I can google it but I wanted you to tell me. Do you wanna know how many no muslim terrorists are there you cannot imagine. You just need to go by state wise. Any ways definitely Allah will show you and other the right path.
            May Allah bless.

          • @Imran: I have mentioned earlier that there’s no point for me listing any terrorist’s name because you’re already determined to put off any information I would put forward as inaccurate – and of course, I was right.

            The two names I mentioned lived hundreds of years before what you accused to be “yahoodi”-infiltrated media. Records about the massacres they committed – and the reasons behind them – were from their own accounts (or people who lived in their periods, including Muslims).

            Of course, there have been non-Muslim terrorists too, but this does not negate the fact that there have been Muslim terrorists, which is what you’re trying to prove, does it?

            The more I talk to you, the more I see how full you are with ignorance and denial. This is, unfortunately, so typical of apologists – just blame somebody else for anything, because you just cannot handle the truth. You will never have a fair view of anything if you only listen to what you want to hear.

          • You want to see only one face of the coin.
            You are not that wise to understand grow up first.

          • @Imran: Again, a typical apologist’s response. Instead of rebutting my arguments (which are based on historical accounts), you just continue throwing false and baseless accusations. If this is all that you could do, then don’t blame me and others for concluding that you’re just another product of successful brainwashing.

          • As I said you before Islam means Peace there is nothing to argue or fight. As a Muslim and human being I don’t want any one to taste hell fire if you have no capacity to listen and understand then it’s not my problem. I have conveyed you the message of Islam now it’s up Allah to give you Hidaya.
            A wise enemy is more better than a fool stranger.

          • @Imran: clearly then, your issues are not just ignorance and denial, but sadly, also arrogance. Thanks for your concern, but growing up in a predominantly Muslim family and environment, I am very familiar with Islamic belief systems and practices. I knowingly chose not to follow it, and I would willingly accept the consequence of my decision. The difference between me and you is that I opened myself to the other side of the argument, while you have chosen to remain within your comfort zone.

  5. Dear Raj. Because Shukriya Ada karna Muslim culture ka part hai. So Please do not say why muslim are not saying bhagwan ka shukriya. Because Bhagwan puja is to be done and thn benefit comes So it is in advance.
    Regarding Kejri somebody is talking about his faith. The author is saying his act is of muslim

      • Eid me kai Lakh janwar kaat kar khaliye jate hai…to isme ghalath kya hai?

        Waise bhi har din kai lakh jaanwar kate aur khaye jate hai…Jo Janwar nahi khate wo unke chamde se bane bags belts use karte hai..

        Mere bhai, Islam double standards wala religion nahi hai..Infact, Islam religion hi nahi hai, Islam to zindage jeene ka sahi Tareeqa hai..

        Agar khule dil se padhoge to malom pad jaega jaise lakho logo ko roz malom pad raha hai aur wo Islam qubul kar rahe hai…

          • Sahi ghalat koi Tay nahi karta …sahi wo hot a have Jo h aur galat insan k DiMag ka futoor h.kya janwaro ok sirf is liye nahi khana chahiye kyunki wo living hain…to phir to plant bhi living he…..

    • Bhagwan or allah ek hi hai. Hindu is bat ko accept krta hai bt muslim ko bhgwan naam se pbm hai. Uske liye wo dunia bhar ki faltu batein bolega magar dusre ke religion ki respect nai krega

  6. Just because Arvind Kejriwal is doing good work, is honest and displays all the good virtues and values, is it necessary to tag him as a Muslim ?

    Does these virtues are found only in Muslims ? Does other religions and faiths preach and teach their followers otherwise ?

    I don’t know what is your intention of this article but I find it very naive to be honest. An illogical attempt to tie everything with religion and particularly Islam.

    • Muslims will vote only if the person is tied to Islam. Earlier the Mullahs and Muslim leaders tied RaGa to Islam and the Akhilesh to Islam. Now they are tying Kejri to Islam.

      Just hope that all Muslims arent as stupid as the author wants them to be.

    • Well, Frankly, the article enlightened me.
      I knew what Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) preached, but, i was surprised to see that His teachings were being followed by a Non Muslim.
      Which explains why he is being loved by the clean hearts.

      I think that was the only intention of this article.

    • There are lot lies and misinformation in this article.

      First we need to be clear that Kejriwal is indeed a good person and is doing good.

      The next question is is he as good as a good Muslim. A good Hindu is not same as good Muslim.

      Next question is even if he is as good as Good Muslim, is he doing good to Muslims & Islamic community. What is good for India need not be automatically good for Muslims. Is it good for Muslims if 850 million Hindus become wealthy and can afford stuff and also become militarized.

      Indian Muslims were fooled once by Jinna, who made our dream of Pakistan a curse.

      Fool me once your bad, fool me twice my wrong!

      We Indian Muslims should be careful of these Munafiq Ideas.

      • So a good Hindu is not the same as a good Muslim. Care to elaborate? A good Muslim is better than a good Hindu or the other way round?
        Stop calling yourself a SecularIndian. Call yourself an InsularMuslim.

    • Islam and Muslims have had very bad press lately. The writer in a way, highlighting the best human qualities of Kejriwal is in a way, giving Islam and Muslim a chance to find Muslims in all human beings that have such humane qualities. Such positive elements that go to give a more complete picture of Islam, should be treated with right attitude of appreciation of human qualities that Islam heavily stresses in its believers as well as in all humanity.

      • When an artist claims someone else’s work as his own, the whole world jeers at him. So what makes it OK for a community to claim one’s virtues to be a product of their (religious) teaching? And (perhaps unsurprisingly), such claims are made only by one particular community. I have never heard the Pope claiming notable Muslim figures as “good Christians”, for example.


  7. Great thoughts Syed ! I respect your thoughts and i believe that this world will be a better place if everyone starts thinking like you. I am not a Muslim but I have many muslim friends who don`t know the true teachings of Allah.

  8. hinduism preaches the same. difference between the conditions of india and pakistan clearly show how much more tolerant and kind hinduism is. And Allah is an arabic word for God. even christians in arab area use it. stop putting skull caps on eveyones heads.

  9. So author want to say that one could be a muslim once he/she becomes holier than all other people. What sort of message is this? Do Islam also allowed raid in lady’s room in midnight and let them urinate in open? Why do some people from muslim community in India think that all other muslims are fools like them?

  10. Just don’t go by his crap, muslim brothers! he is using us! if he is really a muslim by heart, I would dare him to change his religion and become a muslim. That is the day i will believe him. First ask him to change his religion. No more argumentation on this. Else he is a hindu using us for his vote bank.

    • Wow!!!
      So this is what takes for you to cast your vote that person must be from your religion?
      Are you so blinded with the religion that you forgot your duty towards your nation and fellow countryman!!!
      Does it even matter what is the CAST AND CREED of the guy if he is doing social service!!!

        • @ Golu, if we really were careful only about religion we definitely would have moved to an Islamic Nation. Let me tell you this, why don’t you move to Nepal instead? It will allow you to practice Hindutva to the extreme. India is a Democratic and Secular country which for sure will remain, always. If voting cannot be done based on religion, then you must stop supporting Modi. You are an idiot who just hate other religions.

          • Sickular is AbraHaramism in multicolored condom. Final aim is to Mar MohMad and Teresas of natives by enslaving them.

            No MohMadden nation wants sickularism. Angloes do not want MohMaddens in their land but make MohMaddens in other’s land terrorists (ISI/LET/Indian Mojahiddin, Chechnian rebels, Uighirs in China and MohMadden terrorists in Phillipines and Thailand)

            Angloes impose their proxies like Sonia and her crook cabal on India to steal Kasims (balls) of native Indians. In last 7 years $1.7 Trillion was looted.

            Present Kristism is 4th century Roman imperialism, it has nothing to do with Kriya Yogi Yeshu / Jesus. MohMad Bedouini perfected this Roman technique of Maring MohMad and Teresa of natives using spirituality of natives for Darbari MohMadMasti.

      • Muslims believe that the time of death is fixed, and no power of this world can put off it for a moment.


        So you are saying that people who died in riots, their death was fixed? Okay.. if you say so…

      • @ An Indian, we are not saying that we need to bring Kejriwal just because he does/follows simplest of the things. If you had read your Gita or Ramayana or in fact, let me say, that if you were a true Hindu, you would not have used these words. All the religious scriptures say not to take/bribe, they say follow simplicity, they say be thankful to God, and many other things. You idiots want to see Modi as PM just because he is anti-Muslims or anti-Islam. I am sure people will slap him in 2014 in the form of elections.

      • So this is what takes for you to cast your vote that person must be from your religion?
        —-To a certain extent the answer would be yes. Because when i vote for a Muslim, i am sure that he has some set of laws that govern his decisions which he might be following and those laws will benefit humanity. This is not the case with Non Muslims, as they dont stringently follow their Holy books and laws are in the hands of few rich and famous people.——–

        Are you so blinded with the religion that you forgot your duty towards your nation and fellow countryman!!!
        —-I think i clarified that in above rebuttal..If i vote for someone who I know will benefit Humanity, I have done proper use of my brain.—

        Does it even matter what is the CAST AND CREED of the guy if he is doing social service!!!
        — does not matters as long as the social service is being done within the limits of Islam. If the limits are crossed then it matters to the people being served. However, with the absence of LailahaIllAllah Muhammadur RasoolAllah, the social servant is getting nothing for his good deeds—–

        • Look at Pakistan & all Arab-muslim states….I hope not all Indian muslims are dumb like you ?? It is Secularism (in India only CPM follows it to large extent) ,Humaism (India’s large civil society —eg. Amartya Sen ) while in Muslim-dominated countries , non-muslims have to live only as “dhimmis”.

  11. Mr. Arvind Kejariwal looks like fan of Gandhi ji. Gandhi was reading Quran hope Mr. Kejariwal will also read quran and Hadith(Sunnah) of Prophet Muhammad(Peace and blessing of Allah be Upon him) for humanity. People should look at Islam but not at Muslims. Islam is directly from Allah(God) and is perfect. We Muslims are human, do alot of errors in our life and are not prefect. so if you want to understand Islam then read Islam but not Muslims.

  12. there are some common elements in all religions and dr.Zakir naik often reminds in his public discourses the verse of qran that o people of the book let us come to agree on these common things of morality that god is one no image no associate of him and according to mr. ram puniyani there is no conflict in the matter of morality . therefore when a muslim says kejriwal is Islamic it does not mean he is muslim anf if I say azam khan is anti muslim it does not mean he is hindu. we should not go in extremism while understanding a thought. according to RAM puniyani morality is same only identity differs.

  13. Admin, don’t put links of other website at your web pages as u have put of Rajesh, Google down rating to website which are having external links, If you want to put then make it non-clickable

  14. This is a joke of the best kind and the funniest part is that my Muslim brethren seem to agree to the article. Do none of you see that Kejriwal, a liar politician who betrayed his mentor and his ideology is being compared to the Prophet Muhammed? Wow.

  15. The entire article is nothing but a heap of the writer’s hypocratic ideas and serves no purpose as well. Why is he quoting hadith to the practice of a non-muslims. Gandhiji also had these qualities but nobody called him a Muslim because he was the follower of Vedic dharma. He possessed more of these qualities. I don’t know what motivated the writer to come with such an irrelevant and baseless write up.

  16. All my dear brothers irrespective of your religion, I would advice moving away from this caste politics. We have already see this is of no help to any community whether hindus, muslim, sikh, chirstanity, parsi, jain etc etc. Go about who does well for the whole country, about the place where you stay and than bring the same guys forward.

  17. Just seeing someone acts does not mean he is a messiah and I would say a personality be decided by his acts and not by his appearance or his words

  18. I like the article “Kejriwal: A Hindu by faith A Muslim by practice” dated 27 january 2014 . But I would like to add that one should not jump quickly to portrait a person that he has all good values and will will do good all the time and compare him with great men of history whose heart was full with fear of Almighty and enjyed the life with the devine guidance and established the society based on devine laws . In that society there was peace and security,prosperity and justice,sympathy and brotherhood,equality and fear of Allah in every heart.There motto was as defined in the devine scripture”you are the best who do good to all and finish vices from the society and fear Allah”. However, in the present scenerio and compare to others he seems to be good right now .


  19. If Arvind Kejriwal is like Muslim, Muslim world must be very very progressive, prosperous with so many Arvind Kejriwal like people in their countries.

  20. Such authors should be banned,he is giving communal flavour to politics.we respect all religions but why vote on the basis of religion? Can author confirms all Muslim politicians are honest and working for india and it’s people.

  21. writer iis obsessed with religion cant see beyond religious lines
    evrything is not be seen with the spects of religion
    u have hurt the cause of AK
    either u are a bigot or have taken money from rss

    • writer is canvassing Muslims to vote for him.
      all politicians use religion to grab power. rich and powerful exploit weak and poor people. that’s it.
      all this symbolism of skull cap is to show Muslims that he is one of them.

  22. Dear Author you appear to be a Muslim and the platform (Muslim Mirror) looks like representing Muslims’ sentiment. But you even forget to put “Sallal Lahu Alaihiwasallaam (May Peace be upon)” that every Muslim shall say while taking Prophet’s (May Peace be upon) name. You have quoted the prophet (May Peace be Upon him) several times but I could not find you using this term even once.
    Any way coming to your analysis, for god sake and for the sake Mr. Kejriwal stop writing such Bakwas. I don’t know how you got this platform to publish this Bakwas.
    Let Kejriwal work nicely.

  23. Its hilarious to see few silly, scathing comments on excellent write up of Mr Zubair. Maybe they didn’t understand the contextual message.
    At a time when hate Islam and Muslim bashing industry is in full swing across the globe either out of ignorance or wilful, malafide intentions or purposes. The article highlight the duties and responsibilities of Muslims as per their FAITH which they ain’t doing presently. It is also an attempt to clear few misconceptions about Muslims through AK’s examples.What Muslims should be doing, AK is doing by default.
    It highlights dichotomy between what Islam preaches and what Muslims practice. A wake up call !!

  24. Rulers any where in the world used every social tool to use to rule over the mass and religion is one among them, the only tool for mass to protect them from ruler’s exploitation and demand their rights from them is knowledge about politics, science, history, philosophy etc
    so we have to see any political activities in the light of this and also every religion give you the good prescription to practice in our daily life, its only the priest and clergy class who become the guardian of religion and start dictating their interpretation of the holy book as per their interest

  25. Kejriwal said ” Mai bhagwaan,allah,waheguru ka shukar guzaar hoon ” . kejriwal is not like bjp or congress .. who will go after religion appeasment .. he is the man of masses .. the voice of pain of common man .. he visited mosques, gurudwara and temple also … he thanked all the God and all the people of every religion ..

    Above every religion,there is humanity .. choose the best man to lead india not a communal or a stupid to lead the nation .

  26. This article is an expression of the arrogant, racist and supremacist attitude of fundamentalist Muslim fanatics. If a Hindu is good, upright and moral then he becomes a Muslim? What does that say about the author’s opinion of Hinduism? That one is a Hindu so long as one has primarily vices or bad characteristics. Please remove this article if you have any human decency left in you by Islam.

  27. India needs son of soil Indian at the helm, enough of this secular, Muslim, Quasi Muslim or simply Dhimmi for they serve not India but foreign power interests. India is not Islamic country and author ought to know this.

  28. atleast arvind kejiwal wl try to solve the problems of muslims in india unlike bjp and congress. So muslims in india shud give vote to him.

  29. Keep all this a side friends but Kejriwal is doing a tremendous work for the welfare of the people and the country with secular credentials.

  30. Did author said somewhere that he is Muslim?

    BAAT YEH HAI KE HUM BAAT SAMAJHNA NAHI CHAHTE, because we will not be able to fit ourselves in that frame.

    Brothers! The crux of matter is to understand Umar RA and his grandson Umar II … and not Kejriwal.

    Let us see what Islam is teaching us and not what media is exhibiting.

  31. SIT on one matter and denying it on other.!! Process of selective delivery of Justice has started. It shows Kejriwal is as corrupted as bjp and cong. hypocrites. Only fool muslims may fool themselves that he is fair to them. He is same dirty wine in clean bottle.

  32. Victory. Katuwo apni pillay cockroch jaisi aabadi pe itraate the?Ab tumhara kuchh percent vote jhadu pe dalwa kar tumhari awkat pe jhadu phira denge..HaHaHa…NaMo NaMo

  33. Dear Brother Syed Zubair Ahmad,

    What are you? A Muslim or a Munafiq? Who told you that Islam is all about worshiping God and serving the humanity? Islam is total submission to ALLAH alone and not to God, God is not the equivalent of Allah okay?

    Allah has created both Jinn and Insaan for ONLY one purpose to SERVE AND WORSHIP HIM ALONE, NOT HUMANITY

    And you dare to compare this Kuffar to our beloved Prophet muhammad (s.a.w)? Vote hi maangni hai tho aur tarike apnaao , Islam, Muslims, Holy Quran and Holy Prophet ko mat istemaal karo.

    • I totally agree with you sister…. how dare you compare our beloved prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) to someone who is not even a muslim….. that is a sign of Munafiq….Save youself my brothers and sisters… We are muslims… we serve only Allah (s.w.t) and completelt submit ourself to his will…..

    • @Oman: sister you sound more extremist than a Muslim. Leave the defination of Muslim, Munafiq and Kafir, we all leanred about it in our childhood. The author talks about morality of Kejriwal which resembles to Islam. When you accuse other sincere people who adore humanity which is the basic foundation of all religion, I grow doubt about your faith. If you claim you submit your all will to almighty Allah but yet accept the things you like and reject what you dont (example: you are not covering your hair which is obligatory in the Quran but yet you’re mocking at other good people with your extremist view), just keep your mouth shut and admire good people with their good deeds not so called religion.

    • @oman:
      Where in the Quran says about worshiping only and leaving humanity? Which translation you read? I thin QTV? For you kind of people Muslim can be in danger. May Allah keep you kind of idiots far away from preaching. No religion is religion if it doesnt talk about humanity. You need references just google it its so easy. do not make your bloody fatwa. Try to love human blindly. Dont see clolour dont see face or faith just appreciate what good they are doing for people. If they are not doing something Allah says, Allah is there to punish them or firgive them. You and I have nothing to accuse them. Kejriwal is a very honest man which we hardly find in our community.

  34. @ golu mind ur languge if ur intension is to degrade Islam and u dont forget that 90% of emplyoees working in gulf is non-muslim so think b4 u write.

  35. @ Hail Modi the doggy, purey India may yeh katuwo aur cockroch jaisi aabadi hi tum logo bhari padi hai baki kisi may himmat nahi aur. Dont forget Allah is with us.

  36. Dear muslims of India,
    Instead of debating on Arvind Kejriwal and his piety and if he qualifies to be a muslim, debate on:
    1. Why indian muslims have lagged behind others especially in the field of Science, Technology, education level?
    2. Why are the muslims only vote banks in today’s India? Why are they not well represented in the Army, Public sector? Why is there no agitation for this but IMs get agitated if Tasleema Nasreen writes a book that is not in good taste?
    All these and other such questions should be pondered over and discussed. A new generation of IMs should take up the baton from older degenerate muslim politicians and mullahs and determine the future of their community. Otherwise, you will remain entangled in such useless discussions as the present one.

    • Dea Sridhar ji,

      May be you are right, but the statistics have changed, A mullah give us the teaching of our religious aspects. but all other teachings are perfomed in the school and colleges of Indian standards. So many Engineers and doctors and technical from all other streams coming up. but see what happens, Muslims are being refrained to qualify in the administrative blocks. Harassed and dominated by the communal RSS backed up minds. Refrained from promotions. Don’t you know this come on. Let me show you the picture. First of all thier existense in India is on the edge of a sword. Some modi, Thakrey, katiyar etc conspire to swipe them out. Young ltalents are being implicated and killed in the so called fake encounters. they furnish false evidenses even from some terrorist organizations. Every thing fake and lie. Some Modi commits genocide. All evidences available. Videos flashed on youtube swiped. He’s given a clean chit and propagated as PM candidature. Shame shame shame. Some thakrey a bloody communal dictator running a assassinating terrorist organization openly, the very organization responsible for assassinating our father of the nation. Shame, its still active and praised and not banned. There are so many hindrances for a muslim in this country and thats open to all. Pity. Talking about relegion. The thing is Muslim or not. Kejriwal has the quality of a true leader, he’s worth to be voted with all support. He’s fighting for true cause. Right now election must be based on right choice and not religion. I support AAP.

  37. India had great people like Gandhi and many others but that type of people are vanishing fast courtesy our dirty politician.But now many criminals claims their legacy and declare themselves to be their follower to hide their heinous crimes.

  38. Assalamu alaikum WRB (May PEACE be on all of you),

    Dear Brothers and sisters,

    Instead of indulging in un healthy discussion, let’s pray for him that “may Allah SWT bless him with Hidayah” and he accept Islam.

    Let me share with you what I did.
    I send him and his party the Biography of the greatest man ever born on this earth i.e. our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as well as the biography of second Khalifah i.e. Umar (RA), as the governance of both has not only been appreciated by muslims but also by a large number of non muslims. They are our role models in everything we do, hence I requested them to read it at least once.
    Hope he and his colleagues have read it, Allah knows BEST.

    Jazakumullahu khairan…

    Wassalam WRB

    • Well done.
      This is what Muslims should do, not keep judging people without presenting the gift of islam and truth to them.

      Does anyone know what is in the heart of anyone?
      We should be able to appreciate this person’s work ethic, noble intentions as of today , and simplicity in life.(despite him not being Muslim)
      All mankind is from the children of Adam a.s. and hence brothers and sisters.

  39. Most of us Muslims have to convert to Islamic practices actions performed by non Muslims before we accept them as equal to us. This post is written on the same line. Mr. Ahmed could not accept Kejriwal as an equal human being . He had to be transformed into a shadow of the prophet to be accepted by him. It is time to live in the real world and accept all human beings as equal, whether good or bad.

  40. He has not submmitted to the will of allah, and not given up man made law. He is not Muslim. Stop doing such propoganda on this website!

    Vote for Congress.

  41. Kejriwala is making good speeches, posing to be wise statesman.
    However, he is yet declare his policy on Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation – the neoliberal policy of the World bank. If he is not opposed to world bank guided Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation he is a friend of capital and enemy of people Muslims and Hindus alike.

    • If he is truly honest and sincere, he will surely see the Light and work against interest-based conspiracies by these banking systems which aim to squeeze blood out of the poor — Hindus and Muslims alike.
      If he is able to control only corruption once in power, he will have led the nation to a road of equal opportunity, justice, peace and prosperity- again for citizens of all religions in India.
      Muslims are advocated to vote for the truthful (maybe apparently so) and the just–for being just is closest to nearness to Almighty.

  42. Why should I blindly follow this author who is trying to convince us to vote for AAP. come to gujarat and see how muslims are living peacefully here with the support of MODI and Allah.

    90% of muslims will vote for Modi only.


    • he is the messiah that all indians of hindu origin have been waiting for since so long.

      anyone who thinks he is of arab origin, can get a DNA test done and decide his place of stay accoridngly.

  43. we have tried congress bjp and all other parties,all are corrupt.if voted for surely they do corruption.Then let us try this new party this time.I am sure that they will never be corrup.

    • You rss guys cannot hear or think good of anyone else,however noble the person may be.
      You could not even tolerate Gandhiji. God Almighty did not think fit for merciless people like you to understand open-mindedly the stature of Prophet Muhammed (may peace be upon him) and his contribution to mankind.
      Keep your hate propaganda to yourself and your friends.
      May God grant you guidance and open-mindedness.

  44. if you are a muslim first and then an indian, then its time for you all to go elsewhere. however if you are an indian first and acknowledge your hindu ancestry, lets talk about brotherhood with our hindu brothers.

    being a devout muslim and servant to Allah i suggest my brethen to start reading more and beyond and widen their outlook. the following link was a good starting point for me personally.

  45. Islam, most peaceful religion by theory, yet killed millions. Aravind Kejriwal Most honest person, yet doing all bullshit. hypocrisy supports hypocrisy.

  46. Hmm, i have to read this artical i think arvind is a cheap men if allah is only for muslim so why all religion on earth why ??
    no there are no allah and no bhagwan they all want money and power it’s a bullshit

  47. What rubbish is this. This kuffar cannot be from my religion… I wont vote for him. request all brothers to do so…

  48. I don’t hate Islam even muslims, I have many friends who are muslims. but author seems very very confused. Even many time is day my office my worker [ Reshma khan, I have 6 employe 3 muslim 3 hindu] say “Ya allah, haye allah ” those words come in my ears but i never felt that i am going to converted in to islam,

    Those all girls working and they have no problem with me , i have no problem with them. Brotherhood developed when we live together not even calling Ya allah or He bhagwan.

    try to understand when a lot of Muslim politicans dont say “Ya khuda, mai aapka sukriya ada karta hu” then why a Non – muslim saying it? Don’t you this he is doing cheap politics with muslims.
    He is dirty blind man. Don’t believe him.

  49. kejriwal playing a politics ,not a aam admi party,s this is not truth thats this person speech ,kejriwal is a hitler not aam admi,

  50. Its time for our muslim brothers to either choose a strong & progressive leader like Narendra Modi or choose a fake self proclaimed messiah, a propaganda artist & a traitor of delhi to power !!
    Modi is the true lion of India, not this power hungry despot who lies every now n then !!

    And please do not try to paint him as a muslim to get muslim votes, if today the muslim voting rights are taken away then Kejriwal wont even speak a word of care for your entire community, do not let the author fool the muslim community of India like Kejriwal fooled the entire delhi public !!

  51. When I ask: What will happen if India gets a new politician who is 100% honest with 100% pure intentions? Answer: Look at AK.

    We are not ready for that. Somehow, we end up supporting “typical” politicians. We know they mean business, but then we are used to the old system. Anything new or different, we resist instinctively, no matter how good it is. It is natural. Most of us cannot handle it. If AK or AAP is slightly better than other parties, maybe we could have accepted them. But the contrast is too much; totally opposite to our 60+ years of governance.

  52. Any politician in India who tries to entice muslims by appearences is only after their votes. Kejriwal is no different from the lot. Muslims should not let anyone try to fool them for political gains. I am not saying that kejriwal is not good – that I don’t know, but his beginning actions put him in the same category of superficial politicians who only look towards muslims for votes & that’s unethical and unacceptable. (I wish it is NOT true – but only time can tell…)

  53. Mohammad was a terrorist who have enslaved and traded men and women and children, the Allah who Kejriwal thanks; in fact call for beating women to make them behave and confinement till death. it may be good ploy to garner some Muslim vote by Kejriwal but Muslims have suffered most because of Islam especially Muslim women.

  54. Saw some remarks here which imply that muslims are taught that their religion is superior and the best. Rest are kuffars.
    Also vote a mulsim ‘cos he automatically has a clear heart.

    The most shocking part is its written by educated muslims.
    This arrogance has actually hurt islam more.

    • Why is it a news? Isn’t that the reason they have been ethnically cleaning Hindus an dither minorities, where ever they are in clear majority? You know why , because their hearts were clean. What a bunch of luny thugs?

  55. “Prophet Muhammad said that ‘Your worst enemy is your ego’.

    Ego gives us identity. That identity seeks name, fame, wealth etc. I remember as a third grader, if I identify myself with my last performance on ground or in exam, it hindered my next performance. I could not identify myself as the best player or rank holder in exam.

    If for spiritual and even for earthly progress we need to surrender our identity or ego then why the mideastern religions ask for native convert to give up his/her native parent given names, disown native Bhojpuri, Marathi and Sanskrit and adopt alien Persianized/ Arabized Urdu (literally mean Turki Army Tent) as their mother tongue, disown their ancestors and their history and kill their own native brothers and sisters for alien ideology. Dharma and Dhamma went to china and far east but the natives were not asked to adopt Pali / Sanskrit names, consider Pali /Sanskrit sacrosanct and give up their native languages such as Chinese or Japanese. Even today many american towns boast more Yog Studios and centers than fast food restaurants such as McDonalds where even bhajans are sung and Sanskrit prayers are chanted to conclude the Yogasana sessions, but the teachers and practitioners have not changed their names or consider Sanskrit as their mother tongue.

    We need to distinguish Dharma from Religion. Religion was introduced by imperialist Romans in 4th century long after Kriya Yogi Yeshu’s death whom they had persecuted. Native Abrahamic faith of Judaism was divided by introducing new book by Romans. Thus they could rule the natives with the help of their proxies – new converts to Christianism. These new converts took this Darbari Christian identity to enslave Pagan (literally means Civil) of Europe and ultimately destroyed them so much that they lost their original Pagan, celtic, Slavic identity.

    This Roman technique of using fake spirituality to divide and destroy the natives all over the world. Bedouin imperialism thus destroyed more civilized Persia (Iran), Syria, Kurds, Egypt and so on. India is barely survived because of deep civilizational. If India loses its Dharmic roots then in no time it will become Afghanistan or Pakistan where there is no peace and progress even after clsoe to half a trillion $ aid in last 67 years by Angloes.

    Desmond Tutu (himself a bishop) and Julisus Nayarere of Africa used to say many times in 60s and 70s:

    Arab & Anglo (white man) came to our land with a book in hand and asked us to close our eyes for a prayer to his God which he was going to read from the book. He started his mumbo-jumbo in alien tongue and when he finished, we had the book and he had the land and all its resources. Our dear and loved ones were being shipped to distant slave bazars of Baghdad, Istanbul and Americas.

    Today even Poonjabi Musalmans are bring shipped to Syria and Egypt to fight others devilish battles of imperialism.

  56. Love, Oneness, Peace.
    Vote Those who are the most Pure at Heart and their Thoughts AND THUS Have Good Intentions for ALL.
    Each of us have to decide on our own who is Good finally.

  57. Do you seriously think only Islam teach humans to be good? Someone who is a noble human can only be a Muslim?? No brother…this article just shows your chauvinism. Someone who is a noble human being is no one but a noble human being! This article saddens me.

  58. tum logo ki scoch bahot kharab hai hindu muslim ek hi hain yaro ko discrimination mat karo
    Tu hindu banega ya musalman banega
    Insan ki aullad hai insan banega
    kudrat ne to bakshi thi hame ek hi dharti
    Hamne kahi bharat kahin iraq banaya
    So all the caste are equal………..

  59. With due respect, kindly do not speak communal. BUT PLEASE VOTE & ELECT AK as our next PM- Break the barrier among religion- think secular, put hands together and fight against corruption. JAI HIND

  60. If you want Arvind Kejriwal why don’t you adopt him into Islam voluntarily ?? Even we hindus are waiting for that, that when he will be declared a mullah officially and then his real colors will be exposed !! :-p

  61. If you ever wonder why politicians continue to be able to fool our muslims, its because of articles like these. One rookie politician, who has no track record of his own, says the word “Allah”, and all of a sudden you think he is the new secular kid on the block. As a hindu who is annoyed by the way muslims, and backwards of our country are treated just as votebanks, I would beg you judge politicians by their actions, not their speeches, symbolism. Just because someone uttered the word Allah, or praised Islam, or bashed hindus infront of a muslim audiences, or wore a skull cap does not make him savior of muslims in India. There is no such thing as a good hindu leader, or a good muslim leader, a real leader has best interests of everyone at his/her heart, and is hence followed by people of all religions. Mahatma Gandhu, Abdul Kalam, Maulana Azad were great leaders, not hindu or muslim leaders. If you see the people who are considered hindu or muslim “leaders” like Tagodia, Thackrey, Owaisi, they dont do anything for hindus or muslims, they only abuse the others, are we so easy that anyone can abuse other religion in front of us and we assume he is our messiah?
    We all must go beyond this cheap symbolism which strangely surfaces in election seasons. See who is actually doing something on the ground and helping things improve.

  62. Dear all the beauty of human kind is their acceptance on various ideology, we human participated and played many roles in past generation to make the world a better place for human kind, capitalism, communism,kingship rule, detector rule, caliphate rule etc so many concept has been practiced but over a period of time every ideology scattered. Current generation following a political system to make this world safer for every individual living around the world but still we can examine the imbalance every where in the world, Are the current political system too will get scattered? Indian constitution promises equal rights and freedom to every individuals of this country despite their way of life and religious they perform and this constitution was build by group of powerful politicians who had willingness to share power with equality among Indians. But today Indian constitution has been challenged by a groups of ideological organization demanding to push the country back to centuries where caste religious discrimination existed, where poor and weaker population were forced to loose their right in the name of caste and religion which currently we can monitor in India ( more than 200 riots as took place). Our brothers and sisters do not forget our forefather who has shed enough blood for the freedom of our country they had a dream where their children’s will have a better future, unfortunately things are working out in opposite direction. Their is a war between major population ( good hindu,good muslim,good christian good sikh,good Buddhist etc) against minor population ( bad hindu,bad muslim,bad christian, bad sikh, bad Buddhist etc) so still majority are good people and its duty of this majority people to fight the minority population who are against the equal rights of total indian’s. Good people should not tolerate injustice happening to any of our brother and sisters in the country. people say that a muslim got killed, people say that a hindu girl got raped, here rather bring muslim and hindu to represent individual if we say our Innocent Indian brother and sister has been killed and raped. this is the day we will get our country back.

  63. You have an extremely idealistic and optimistic view of Islam as it is practiced today. I live in the United States, in a very liberal state and the common thought in all of our heads is that Muslims are the bane of existence. And unfortunately, you are multiplying. Of course, we don’t say this in public, but we certainly say it behind closed doors!

    Every time you hear about a Muslim country, it’s about people being oppressed, churches and temples being burnt down, women having their heads chopped off for showing their arm in public or something, and new terrorist threats.

    On the other hand, when Muslims live in a non-Muslim country, they act like some downtrodden population and expect to have everything handed to them and special benefits and laws just for them (see: UK and India).

    I am not far off when I say, vast majority of non-Muslims believe the world would be a better place without Muslims.

  64. In a nutshell, if someone is Muslim, he is brother and if any one is not Muslim..then they are outsiders….I do not know what our leader like Gandhi thought when he decided to make India as a nation like this with this midset of people when religion drives brotherhood than nationality…Pity on my nation..

  65. muslims are assholes
    they create all problems.they have problem with all religions.
    impossible to coexist with a
    community preaching violence against
    non believers. Seculars will perish or
    submit.No religion asks to choose conversion or death

    • By saying ‘Muslims are……’ you proved yourself that you are not believing in humanity. How can you call yourself a ‘believer of Humanism’. By using these inhuman words,you are describing yourself a ‘Inhuman’ being. Pls.try to understand what is Islam? Don’t follow the Muslims. Then try to comment. Please forgive me if it hurts what I wrote about you in my first lines. Try to be a gentleman always so that every one will respect you. Then only you will be called a believer of Humanism.

  66. i woild like to see a article on the shahi imam bkukari can some one do some investigative journalism as to how popular this imam is in delhi jame masjid

  67. Only Mr Kejriwal is ray of hope and can do some cleansing in existing system.
    But I dont know our muslim brothers stil like congress sp parties..they just use muslims aalah save india

  68. Kejriwal may be a good man in his private life as well as public life. But it is absurd to compare him with Umer bin Khathab. Don’t drag Islam into petty political comparison. It will create a bad precedence. Avoid it as it carries dangerous portends.


  70. one more thing muslims should change their mentality , I would say majority of muslims think their religion is best, they are biased. I would like to ask what is best.. making women wear parda in deadly heat, or having 4 children .. women are considered a source to get children thats it… of course even in backward classes of hindus same problem exists..

  71. Ha ha ha…. what a joke!… Muslim is the biggest threat to our civilization. If muslim were nt der so der wil b no more terrorist, no more threat 2 ny other country. No more bomb blast.. for grls dey dnt hav 2 b in burkha.. no more 5 wife for 1 husband. All ppl of the world wil b in peace…

  72. It seems even though Arvind Kejriwal has born as an Hindu, he is an ideal MUSLIM, Like Prophet Muhammad. Muslims can consider him as their latest Prophet and follow his teachings. He can contribute not only for India; he can guide the entire Muslim World which is divided in the name of Shia and Sunni and fighting the holy war JIHAD killing each other.

  73. Hindu Bros / Sis , LET AK49 WORK FOR THE WELFARE OF MUSLIM WE ARE NOT GOING TO AGAINST HIS WILL, BUT SENSE FULL HINDUS WE SHOULD IGNORE THE AK49, otherwise 5 million hindus massacred during partition and lakhs of innocent hindus massacred in Kashmir will curse us and we will become shameful creatures!! jai hind

  74. Jitna to kher narendra modi ko he hain , Jo muslim desh bhagat nahi hain ab unhe kher nahi , India ka muslim desh ke liye marne se darta hain army main nahi jata isliye gaddar kahlata hain otherwise sikhs ko dekho hindu se jada desh bhagat hain koi unko kuch nahi kahta , Jis thali mein khate hain use mein ched karte hain , Isliye modi ke aane ne lage pade hain becharo muslims ke jo deh drohi hain but abhi bhi india mein 50% muslim ache hain jo desh drohi nahi hain

  75. On 1-6-14 i read the article on arvind kejrivaal. It is totally awesome, the writer is well versed with the Islamic literature, in simple words he explained heartfelt feelings. hope to get more articles from him in future and i try to translate this essay in a language spoken by 8 crore people of india. Thank you zuber, please keep it writing.

  76. The author has some kind words for arvind kjriwal. He has mentioned the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) 16 times but not even once did he put in the obligatory salawat after the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.)’s name….

  77. Thanks a tonne for this laugh riot, Syed Zubair Ahmad. Your article was indeed hilarious and delusional. But, nevertheless, I enjoyed it. Keep writing.

  78. My compliments for the hilarious article..hilarious on so many counts …Kejriwal a muslim, islam is a peaceful religion, caliphate is for peace and development, calips are good men, islam propagates caring for poor and needy, that islam will clean the system and will be the panacea for the world….

    what kind of an article is this…if you want AK 49 please have him…we dont want him….but dont say islam is a peaceful principle or caliphate is the solution….may be you are born to arabs…

    In India we the people, read Hindus, want Rama Rajya….not ISIS

  79. What will do more for votes ?

    Hey God !! Hey Allah!! Hey Prabhu !! Hey Bhagwan !! Hey Wahe-Guru!!

    Please save the human from fraud human beings.

    I am only a Human.

  80. Expression of words do not make a person Hindu or Muslim.
    In fact every example and anecdote quoted has parallels in every religion.
    Claims of superiority create create feelings of exclusiveness and lead to a culture of exclusivity.
    All faiths are with one purpose and that is to reach the supreme level of consciousness, so all are working in their lives with one purpose only.
    The rest of the stuff surrounding religion is just the difference of methodology – the technical aspectv of religion. Around this get clothed the cultural part of the religion which origionates from a specific area or set of people.
    The fights, feelings of antagonism, insults, innuendoes, unfair criticisms, etc., are all traceable to this.
    It matters little to the Universal Being – God – if one communicates with the Almighty Spirit in English, wordlessly, Sanskrit, Kaannada, Hindi, Urdu, Persian, Arabic or anything – one has to communicate with the spirit.
    One can certainly impress people by saying InshAllah every now and then or MashAllah, or RamRam, SatSriAkal or whatever – but these are just words arising out of the need to create a sense of belongingness and that is a personal need, arising out of a desire to feel wanted or show brotherhood.
    The right thing to spread is the language of goodness, shorn of any belongingness, except to that of the belongingness to Humanity and to consider all creatures as equals in the efforts to reach God or Allah or Yahweh or whoever or whatever.
    Getting impressed with a statement is very nice, makes you feel very good, but it is meaningless, except to convey a spirit of cultural belonging.

    • Sir,

      Your views are meant for ‘true believer’ in supreme being, who takes care of the universe; and my duty is to do my job and dedicate it and surrender to him in full faith, without any expectations – not even blessings; I get rewards according to my actions; I simply have to enjoy or suffer as per the reward of Supreme power which depends on my actions. Here .. there is no my GOD or your GOD…. and I believe that our Vedanta teach us only this.

  81. Kejriwal, as u said, have MANY qualities of a muslim. Not all. He lacks most of the essential qualities like-
    1. Having 13-14 wives.
    2. Having 100s of slaves and having sex with all the female slaves.
    3. Treating his slaves like animals.
    4. Considering all the non muslims as waste of the earth.
    And many more qualities of Prophet Mohammad.
    If he acquire all these qualities, he will be considered a perfect muslim. INSHA ALLAH.

  82. Dear Brother,
    Please name at least 5 Muslims you know personally have 4 wife’s and forget about 13-14 Wives , 100 slaves etc etc ……… and your own description of a Muslim.

    I hope V are so called intellectual, Let talk/post some sense and get rid of our Notions for Muslim’s/Muslim Community.
    Please come out of your Scary Imaginations & be true to ourselves.

  83. Dear readers, Muslims and non-Muslims alike: warmest greetings from one of the coldest days of the year in Midwest, USA. I have not read all your comments, long or short, abusive or complementary or complimentary. I wrote, via email to the author, because he is from the same place where I was born during the British India. As a summary, it was my take that he didn’t write the article for proselytizing Islam or pampering Mr.Kejriwal or even campaigning for him. He was simply trying to emphasize how can broad-minded, mild-mannered, simple, honest elected officials can act effectively and efficiently. Did you see the picture, where a Muslim girl, in Hijab, is putting a garland around his neck. Both of them look like happy brother and sister, no epicurean desire. This is the kind of India that will flourish in the 21st century.

    • @Mohammad: you are simply being unnecessarily apologetic. It is crystal clear what message this author is trying to convey to the public. By saying that Kejriwal is Muslim by practice because of his presumably high level of moral standards and leadership skills, this author implies that there is no moral teachings outside of Islam, and as such, has displayed his ignorance to the wider public.

      Thousands of years before Islam, countless thinkers, sages, and rishis have contemplated and taught about all these. This is nothing new to mankind.

      I surely wish India will flourish in the 21st century as you too hope for, but India can not flourish with such lies and arrogance as its moral foundation. It can only flourish when its people believe in integrity, mutual respect, and honesty.


  84. Sadly, you guys have to rely on a hindu to preach about your islamic fundas.

    What i would suggest you should see him an hindu who is following his faith and try to come up to the level. Rather than advertising through a non believer try to find out someone from your community who is worthy enough.

  85. Syed Zubair Ahmad jaise log aise aticle likh kar brotherhood mein poison phaila rahe hai khoob sara paisa lekar ki muslim aur hindu mein polarisatio ho jaye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!FRNDDS THINK BROAD AND BELIEVE IN HOONEST AK AND BROTHERHOOD AND NOT ON SUCH TYPE OF EXPLANATIONS!!!!

  86. i think people who initiated discussion are APP Volentier, its very shameful to involve religion to talk somthing about kejriwal, religion should be away from any political person.
    if any one really wanted to talk somthing about kejriwal, should talk about his qualities which giving benefit to delhi residnt.


  87. Reminders from Qur’an Yusuf Ali Rahmatullahi ‘Alayh

    60:5 “Our Lord! Make us not a (test and) trial for the Unbelievers, but forgive us, our Lord! for Thou art the Exalted in Might, the Wise.”

    60:6 There was indeed in them an excellent example for you to follow,- for those whose hope is in Allah and in the Last Day. But if any turn away, truly Allah is Free of all Wants, Worthy of all Praise.

    60:7 It may be that Allah will grant love (and friendship) between you and those whom ye (now) hold as enemies. For Allah has power (over all things); And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

    60:8 Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just.

    60:9 Allah only forbids you, with regard to those who fight you for (your) Faith, and drive you out of your homes, and support (others) in driving you out, from turning to them (for friendship and protection). It is such as turn to them (in these circumstances), that do wrong.

  88. Seems a very good person to me. Allah grant him true understanding and true following of Quran and Sunnah. Allah increase him in love and adoration.

  89. Hindu people were worshipping more than 1 cr 33 lacs gods like snake trees human .human sexual organs.cow ox so and so on( ancient book of pratyogeta darpan)……I apologize…

    ur most welcome

    • @hilal: no need to apologize. In fact we are the one who should feel sorry for you, because it must be difficult to carry around such a big burden of ignorance wherever you go.


  90. shameful shameful shameful
    passage of time on political people than making friends, looking after their family, helping needy, not becoming angry in traffic and even preaching their religion

  91. This is stupidity at its best. If you think there is no moral teachings outside of Islam, then please go out once in a while and see the world with your own two eyes. You may be surprised to know that there are even atheists and agnostics who hold their moral values even higher than you.

  92. I am a muslim . But I feel that following lines are stupid.

    “.I don’t think any religion of the world advocates in such a clear terms except Islam ,,,,,.”

    Many religions aming Islam qualifies . But only islam is proje ted here. This wont bring good friends from other communities.

  93. This is big mistake to think that only Muslim’s are super human being. I don’t understood one thing and I want some body kindly explain me if I am wrong. If Allah is the supreme and only god in this universe, and as Hindu faith I never believe in Allah(in fact i also don’t believe in Hindusime or any other religion). If I am so wrong in my thoughts then definitely god will punish me. But I never experience this. I don’t understood why somebody advocate so much on god when non in this world have ever come across god. Can we not simple trust each other as a simple human being. Whatever is the humanitarian values, every one know this. No need to follow any religion book. You know what is right and wrong. Then why need to listen to any religious person.

    • If you are a good person, you will be rewarded by Allah, and if you are a bad person, you will be punished by Allah. The fact that you are not getting punished yet for no bad deeds done by you shouldn’t make you feel that Allah is not there. The very big confusion in your mind makes you drift away further from knowing Allah. That is why you should chose the right path and believe in the onness of Allah and witness that prophet Mohammed May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him is his last prophet. I am sure you will find peace and you will never be confused.

    • @Ashish: then you should look no further. Among all major religions, Hinduism is the only one that advocates the idea that we all are essentially divine spiritual beings in the inside. In Abrahamic faiths, humans are sinful by nature and therefore need God to tell them how to lead their lives. In Hinduism, humans are divine by nature and our ultimate goal is to realize that divinity within and the role of religions and gurus is simply to provide guidance – if you feel it is necessary. Nobody is forced to adopt a certain religion or a guru.

      How Vedanta portrays the Ultimate Reality, or “God” if you wish, is completely different to the Abrahamic scriptures. The Ultimate Reality does not favour a group of people above any other, especially not on the ground of what they believe in. In Hinduism, God does not curse, or worse, destroy, a nation just because they choose not to believe in Him (i.e.: jealousy). In Hinduism, you have all the freedom to approach this Ultimate Reality in whatever path dearer to you. Nobody is an infidel, nobody is an apostate, because there is only ONE Ultimate Reality that pervades the entire universe. This is one religion that believes entirely in humanity.



  95. Another third secularist, here peopple are more interested in religion rather development. This idiot is talking one who is supporting Islam not development. Respect every religion, do not divide our Nation by these silly things. When Modi dose the development program it looks communal for you people and don’t accept it, but another stupidest third class politician does u support him

  96. Mr.Syed zubair
    It’s wrong on ur part to compare AK to our great souls who made our Islam glorious,how can u compare a politician to our revered caliphs

  97. Yes, this is a good start.

    Stop following people like akrabuddin and azam khan. follow kejariwal..
    he will also fool u as u are being fooled by congress, for decades.

    Realise, u r just vote bank. Whomsoever wears green, speak green, u guys vote to that person in a group. thats why they fool you.

    Instead of this, elect person from your area who has a good character, who is honest and more importantly one who works for society…. keep religion in your rooms.

  98. I as a muslim it is my duty to invite all my non- muslims brother & sister towards islam , Islam means Peace , Muslim means one who submit all their wills to Allah .
    I invite you all with quoting chapter 112 of Quran .

    In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful.

    1. Say, “He is God, the One.

    2. God, the Absolute.

    3. He begets not, nor was He begotten.

    4. And there is nothing comparable to Him.

    • @Muzaffar: do you also accept that people of other faiths also have the same duty to invite you and others to their faiths?


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