Massive protest greets Modi in Silicon Valley; local Politicians did not attend Modi reception


protest against Indian PM 1By Muslim Mirror News,

San Jose, California: The Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA), held a massive protest against visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi here on Sunday while local politicians did not attend the reception hosted in honour of the Indian Premier.

More than 20,000 s passionate crowds of protesters greeted Modi with loud slogans and a sea of placards upon his arrival at San Jose’s SAP Center for a stage-managed Silicon Valley “community reception.”

The posters, chants, and surprise banner drop challenged the Modi PR team’s attempts to whitewash the controversial politician’s record. The protest was the culmination of a month-long campaign to educate Silicon Valley leaders and elected officials about Modi’s troubling human rights record.

The Indian American community is sharply split on Modi’s performance during his first year in office, and that was obvious in the huge crowds of protesters filling up the designated protest zones and sidewalks in front of the SAP Center. Organizers estimated the number of protesters above 2,000. In addition to the Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA), a large progressive umbrella group, other groups also gathered in front of the SAP Center—most notably the Sikh community that showed up in large numbers.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the turnout, which was much higher than we anticipated,” said Bhajan Singh, a community leader with the AJA. People came from cities as far away as Los Angeles. The numbers are a testament to the strong feelings that Modi evokes because of his poor record on religious rights, women’s rights, caste, digital freedom, LGBTQ equality, and environmental justice.”

Protesters enacted a “die in” to dramatize the attacks against Muslims, Christians, Dalits, women, and other communities that are occurring with increasing frequency under the Modi administration. As in India, Modi die-hards threatened and attacked protesters, including Dalit and LGBTQ Indians, leaving them shaken.

protest against Indian PM  2Local Politicians Not Impressed
Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, in whose district the event took place, chose not to attend. Congressman Honda, who has the largest number of Indian American constituents, issued a statement stating that he is “well aware of the controversy that surrounds Prime Minister Modi’s visit…I will neither overlook nor forget my duty to be a strong advocate for human rights.” Ro Khanna, who is running against Honda, issued a statement saying the US-India partnership “must be rooted in a respect for civic dissent, for human rights, for a robust public square that engages NGOs, and for religious tolerance and liberty.” AJA ran an outreach campaign to local elected officials, educating them on Modi’s failed civil rights record; many subsequently declined the Modi invite.

Speakers representing the wide variety of groups in the alliance addressed the gathering and the media. They recounted the repeated and increasing violence visited upon India’s most vulnerable communities by Modi’s government and his supporters.

Said Virali Modi-Parekh, “Modi talks about Digital India, while ignoring millions of Digital Indians demanding an end to Internet censorship, restrictions on online privacy, and arrests of social media users.” Added Neil Tangri, “Since 2014, the Modi government has tried to shut down Indian civil society organizations, including targeting frontline groups, cracking down thousands of NGOs like Greenpeace India and the Sierra Club, and intimidating journalists who expose inconvenient facts.”

“It’s important to compare Narendra Modi’s words versus his actions,” explained Sabiha Basrai of the Alliance of South Asians Taking Action. “This is a man being praised for tweeting #SelfieWithDaughter, even though he actually slashed funding for the Ministry of Women and Child Development by 50 per cent just months before.” Imam Zaid Shakir said, “Modi was banned from the United States by successive administrations for his egregious human rights violations. Winning an election doesn’t change the facts.”

Protesters held signs, chanted, and connected with communities impacted by Modi’s regressive policies in India via social media. The die-in honored those who have lost their lives due to Modi’s policies, ranging from victims of the Gujarat genocide to the 100,000 Indians who die every year due to the dirty coal expanded by Modi. An actor donned a Modi mask to stage a mock trial, indicting him for his involvement in the pogroms of Gujarat in 2002.

protest against Indian PM 3The month-long campaign included some of the following highlights:

Billboard campaign
The Modi PR team announced to the media that they raised nearly a million dollars from companies wanting to do business in India, in order to whitewash his image with the SAP Center reception. AJA responded by launching a billboard campaign telling the other side of the story. The billboards were linked to the #ModiFail campaign, which highlighted the gap between Prime Minister Modi’s words and his actions.

Zuck, Wash Your Hands!
A week before Modi’s arrival, Silicon Valley residents started mailing packages of Purell hand sanitizer to Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, so he could wash off the stain after shaking hands with Narendra Modi, who was accused by Human Rights Watch of presiding over the killings of about 2,000 Muslims in 2002. Over 250 bottles have already been sent, with more pouring in; each package is dedicated to a named victim of the Gujarat pogroms.



    Thanks to educated and rational Americans that they still remember the plight of the minorities in India. Modi is no good man. He is wolf in sheep’s clothing. Everybody has seen his true face in 2002, and also his being mum on his minister’s hate speech is another proof of culprit. He is visiting foreign nations and being friendly with West is his try to wash his blood stained hands.Remember Guys and Girls, Modi is RSS member, and we all are aware what RSS agenda is.!! BEWARE OF MODI.

    • And ofcourse world knows what Islamic agenda.
      Less than 2 %; cry for equality for all
      ~40% : seperate rights for muslims
      >80% : No rights for minority
      ~100% : start killing each other

    • I was there at the SAP center and saw only about 200 people protesting. Mike Honda was present in the SAP center welcoming Modi. There were 20000 people inside the SAP center. a ratio of 100:1, in other words 1% were protesters. House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi was present. San Jose mayor Sam Liccardo was present along with a host of other local poiliticians.

      • Why are you giving me Numbers?? I never asked for it.

        And you must also know this that the residents of Silicon Valley sent sanitizer to Mark Zuckerberg to wash his hands cause he shook hands with Modi. Am I right?? But you didn’t mentioned that. 250+ and still counting…!

        And, why are Human Rights Watch activists are insisting America to ban Modi coz he’s Murderer and controlled the genocide in Gujrat in 2002?

    • What about those 800 years of plight of Hindus at the hands of your ancestors? What about kashmiri Pundits…? How about ISIS whom you support? How about Baloch? How about ppl of POK? You are nothing but result of your ancestors bending their back for to Moguls…

      • 800 years of plight??Are you kidding me?? I never read in any history books that Hindus were living in subhuman conditions during the reign of the Ghaznavids,Tughlaqs,Slave Sultans and Mughals. You know what Mr. Ashish this sort of stuffs only comes in one’s mind when they read RSS materials.Expand your study materials beyond RSS books.

        Now by mentioning baloch and Azad Kashmir you are somehow trying to justify these heinous activities??And why are you giving me this. I ain’t a Pakistani.

      • Modi’s Agenda = RSS agenda.

        the core ideology of the Far-Right paramilitary RSS is directly and explicitly based on Hitler and Third Reich-era Nazism.In their extensive writings, the RSS’ Hitler-supporting ideological founders directly lifted Nazi propaganda and simply replaced “Germans” with “Hindus” and “Jews” with “Muslims”. The ideology is also virulently hostile towards Christians. Narendra Modi is on record as describing the most influential Hitler-supporting RSS founder, M.S. Golwalkar, as “a guru worthy of worship”. Check this link Mr.Shailendra

        RSS holds Golwalkar’s view.Golwalkar (1906-1973) is on record as repeatedly endorsing Hitler, the Nazis and their treatment of religious minorities. He never retracted any of these statements, not even after the horrors of the Holocaust. Quoting directly from Golwalkar’s own propaganda writings, numerous examples of his statements were documented in the previous article. In summary:

        (a) Golwalkar promoted explicitly racial Far-Right propaganda and claimed that a “Nation” is based on 5 indivisible factors: Race, Religion, Culture, Language and Geography. Golwalkar claimed that Race and Religion are the dominant factors for the RSS;
        (b) Golwalkar had contempt for educated Hindus;
        (c) Golwalkar was opposed to inclusive, pluralistic democracy and territory-based nationality;
        (d) Golwalkar claimed that non-Hindus in India “deserve no privileges, not even citizen’s rights”;
        (e) Golwalkar glorified Nazi Germany and the persecution of Germany’s Jews, and stated that India should duplicate Hitler’s treatment of minority populations;
        (f) Golwalkar misrepresented and slandered Judaism, Christianity and Islam;
        (g) Golwalkar claimed that Hindus are differentiated from other religious groups before birth;
        (h) Golwalkar claimed that the RSS aims to reconvert Indian Muslims and Christians to Hinduism;
        (i) Golwalkar rejected the Indian nationality of all Indian non-Hindus;
        (j) Golwalkar reiterated his opposition to territory-based nationality and Mahatma Gandhi’s principle of Hindu-Muslim unity;
        (k) Golwalkar repeatedly wrote lengthy bigoted diatribes against both Christians and Muslims, explicitly declaring them to be “hostiles” within Indian society and claiming that Christians have proved to be “bloodsuckers” wherever they have gone in the world.

        Narendra Modi has been an active member of the RSS for the entirety of his political career. In fact, the RSS explicitly describe Modi as a “pracharak” for the organisation; the literal translation of the word is “proselytiser”. Modi can be seen performing a modified Nazi salute alongside a number of other RSS members in one of the photos at the top of this article; the photo was taken at an RSS meeting near Ahmedabad in September 2009.

        You can also go thru V.D. SAVARKAR’S writing on Hindutva and his explicitly stating that Indian Muslims should be treated the way Nazis treated German Jews.

        • Thank you very much. As your list is very brief,can you re-format it, with space and your annotation, If I have had a chance to digest it,I may have some more. Congratulations

  2. Pictures are showing his past behavior, (in)action, instigation, and tacit approval. We can’t remove the hatred he has from his RSS days. My cost allegation is as follows. I watched his FB town-hall type meeting. Questions that keep coming to my mind, because his entire expenditure comes from tax-payers money.If he is the 2nd twitter, social media user in the world, after Obama, when does he work on his real job (PM) for which he was elected. Does his moral conscience bother him at all? He was bragging about it @ FB in SJ. Indians need to see him working, making decisions,training his subordinates, working on his replacement, not using the electronic toys. All social media spent time is not work-related, by the name itself. As the CEO of India, he should set better example to emulate than twitting.I have many more. Let his office answer the above from a cost benefit for the nation. While he talks, he tries to concentrate more on religious-culture than cost-effective governance. PR time is over. Show results now. I am more disappointed in the Indian taxpayers, Are they paying PMNDM to learn master the art of FB, twitter,Instagram, to name a few, among many. All these sare clerical chores. He should not use working ours on social uncontrolled media and consider that as knowledge, intelligence. I am with the scientists who didn’t want to pamper his ego @ tax payers $$$. It conveys a wrong budgetary message, shamefully so.

  3. Know you all !
    ALMIGHTY ALLAH grants power to all good & bad people as HE is above all critic & criticism.
    As a result He granted power to all including Feraun & all
    evil doers. Their worldly succeess has a Zero result on the day of Judgement.
    Result oriented pious die as poor & weak as died recently in Holy city of Mina .
    The success of this world of impious enemies of ALMIGHTY GOD
    will meet the dooms day on the day of Judgement.
    ALLAH SWT has guided all in Holy Muslim Scriptures & in all true past Holy Scriptures.

  4. what can we expect from the paid media in india.Mr.PM your so much travelling overseas is hardly but futile exercise since hardly any investors are interested to invest here as evident from steep inflation and tumbling stock market.It seems after 6 more months there will hardly country left to visit by our PM.

  5. most of them were not indians , they were pakistani and bangladeshi’s , and indian muslims were only present , but inspire of that Modi rocked. praised by the world

  6. This is ridiculous. Talking of atrocities on minorities in India- LARGE SIZED BULL SHIT. What about those communities in nations where they are majorities? Do they care about the minorities? No. No at all. What about Hindus in Pakistan? Even the temples are not safe.
    The minority population is 200,000,000 in India. Are they all unhappy or unsafe, insecure or dying of poverty or hunger? No. Most of them are peasants, living peacefully and gracefully. Have they ever complained? No. Most of them are now moving forward towards modern education and living standards.
    Modi came just two years back.
    What has happened in Kashmir? Is there any Hindu left? None. The so called minority has traumatized the entire nation by forcing the Kashmiri pandits leave the Kashmir.
    In North east India, the Christian minority has its own agenda. They are funding the separatists and the terrorists.
    Does AJA has the courage to show black flags to ISIS and the terrorists or the perpetrators of terrorism on the Humanity. Blaming Modi is really pathetic and insane.

    • I don’t simply get this, that whenever anybody raise the issue of communal riots in India wherein victims were Muslims, Sikhs and Christians,you guys point fingers towards Pakistan.Why??
      Am I supposed to take it like this Mr.Shailendra that you are justifying those heinous act and genocide?If that is the case with you then I must say that this is a disgusting response. No fair-minded individual would allow or support killing of one set of people for the crimes of others, even in vengeance! This sort of mentality is no different from Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and ISIS, who feel that they are justified in killing innocent Americans because some Americans killed some other Muslims.
      And you enumerated 20 crores Muslims living happily and peacefully. Oh really?? Have you taken out a survey on all the homes?? Only 5% Muslims are in Public sector. Rest of us are doing Business and are self-employed.Band of Boys are going to Middle East to earn coz they don’t get job here.and you are giving me all these shit & non-sense!! What we are today is just because of our endeavour and perseverance . The India Govt. has done nothing for us in the past 67 years.Absolutely Nothing. Muslims are peaceful in only West-Bengal. Out of all 29 states.At least here we sleep at night that we shall not be killed and our homes shall not be torched by hindutva thugs.

  7. You guys are still stuck in the past. If Modi have done anything wrong he would have been hanged by now, the Congress government tried every thing for the past 10 years to nail him. They found nothing, zilch. So come to terms with reality and stop the propagation of hatred. Let the new generation live in peace. I would request muslims to hold a mirror to themselves and see their history of bloodshed and hegemony all over the world. Hindus are probably the worst sufferers of muslim brutality. First reform yourself and then preach others. Be realistic guys.

    • We want to live the present Mr.Prashant.We want to forget all those 2800+ riots in past 67 years. We want to advance ourselves in Science & Tech.We want to contribute to this Nation. Coz we are of the NATION AND NAtION IS OF uS. Spewing venom and formenting disturbances are not the intention and has never been the intention Of Muslims here in India.But today I ask you that can you forget about the so-called #FORCED CONVERSION during Mughal reign?????Particularly of Jahangir & Aurangzeb that you alleged.If you can then We are also ready to forget the atrocities that your Men carried out on Us.

      Islam early wars was liberation.The Muslims LIBERATED the masses of those region from the oppressive Trinitarian Byzantine Church and Pagan Persian empire. Most of people not only welcomed the Muslims, they facilitated the conquest by joining the ranks of the conquerors. Also that the rule of the Islamic government was tolerant and high moral and monotheistic , unlike what the Byzantines and Persian had to offer so soon after the mass convert to Islam voluntarily.Visgoth tribes of Andalusia which is also called Iberian peninsula oppressed and persecuted their own civilians for three centuries and hence they cried out for help to Islamic Caliphate.It was not the Muslims who initiated the idea of conquering it, rather the civilians of that land got rid of an unjust occupation and turned it into a Muslim land whose inhabitants chose to follow Islam and become part of this Islamic state. Rafael Balasteros, the Spanish historian, has said and I quote, “If the Arabs had not interfered in the Peninsula’s affairs in 711 CE and put an end to this age of turmoil, the Goths would have inflicted unimaginable harm on Spain.If you don’t know the Islamic History don’t comment on it. We have a rich history.Or else you have to hear something embarrassing fact of your Hindu rulers who inflicted severe atrocities on Lower caste Hindus,Jains and Buddhists before the advent of Turks in India.

  8. This is ridiculous. I will not be brainwashed by this article. I think PM Modi had a successful visit and he is emerging as a world leader.

    • The successful visit for corporates benifit who were behind his huge election campaign.Aditionally towards the selective papulation. All his associate member one or other way helping to spread intolerance towards the people who speak truth and deprived.


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