Modi to face ‘horrifying’ billboards in Silicon Valley

A billboard criticising PM Narendra Modi in California of United States.
A billboard criticising PM Narendra Modi in California of United States.
A billboard criticising PM Narendra Modi in California of United States.

By Muslim Mirror News,

San Jose, California, 22 Sep 2015 : PM Modi is all set to face criticising billboards when he will visit Silicon Valley on Sep 27.

Few billboards targeting him over human rights issues have already appeared on highways in Bay Area of California to welcome him they way he will never like .

As part of the #ModiFail campaign, the Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA) is using billboards to raise public awareness about Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his administration’s attacks on personal freedoms and human rights in India. AJA hopes this series of billboards in the Bay Area, will inform the American people that Modi’s upcoming Silicon Valley PR tour is being used as an excuse to whitewash his dismal record as Prime Minister, and before that, Chief Minister of Gujarat.

The billboards are visible from I-580 in Oakland, I-280 in Daly City, Highway 92 in Hayward, Highway 84 in Newark, I-880 in Newark, I-880 in Milpitas, and Highway 101 in Santa Clara.The billboards highlight, the AJA’s online report card calling attention to the facts behind some of Narendra Modi’s most egregious failures during his 16 months in office as Prime Minister.India’s celebrated values of pluralism and tolerance are under severe attack since Mr. Modi assumed office as Prime Minister. According to the Modi government’s sources, attacks against religious minorities are up 25% since last year. His own ministers are engaged in a malicious hate campaign against Christians and Muslims.

Narendra Modi speaks eloquently of Digital India, but individuals posting comments against Modi or his peers on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and other social media sites have repeatedly faced arrests; when the Indian Supreme Court struck down the hated “Facebook arrest” law, the Modi government expressed interest in passing replacement censorship legislation to skirt the ban.

The Modi government has been particularly vicious in its attacks on free speech, as it increasingly equates dissent, even in the form of social media posts, with sedition and “waging war against the state.”

The Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA) is a diverse coalition led by progressive Indian American communities. AJA members work for pluralism, civil rights, religious freedom, women’s rights, LGBTQ equality, and environmental justice in India and beyond.


  1. After watching Mr. Modi’s reactions on “Why Mahesh Sharma should stop worrying about Indian culture”, and with the passage of so many days w/o much diplomatically likable steps. India has so far displayed internationally itself above this narrow-mindedness, myopic version of looking at this world, These chauvinists, bordering on “nonsense” have been in existence for a long time without much clout. Now with Modi’s support/OK/instigation behind them they are becoming bold, courageous but unacceptable/unwelcome toothers. If what they are imposing on others is so dear to them why didn’t they start from their home while they were not in power. Modi must open his real self. Otherwise, Indian Diaspora about which he is so “unrealistically optimistic” may lose its good name. What a shame. This is worse than what Stalin, Hitler did while they were in power. May God bless them with “knowledge” that makes sense for human nature. I am getting tired of bringing this since Modi’s last year’s NYC visit. (UN, Central Park, MSG). Yes, majority of highly placed Hindus are his supporters, converts, as I found with my contemporaries. But do they behave that way outside India? What Silicon Valley has prepared for him. What Canadians mentioned regarding the cost his visits is costing them. What Obama did to him, right in India. These signals need to be understood by the stalwarts of BJP, RSS, VHP. Wake up. Shape up. Streamline the operations. If not, others would do it for you,and you may regret the opportunity lost,and infamy gained. Stop what you are pursuing. Make some adjustment to flourish in this interdependent, “irreligious” environment,where non-Hindutva people also live, make a living. Best of luck in changing your approach. Period!

  2. The Association of Indian Muslims of America, Washington DC, is proud to be a member of the Alliance for Justice and Accountability, coalition of several human rights organization. We fully support the objectives and campaigns of our Alliance. We especially salute the many non-Muslim activists who are devoting so much time and effort in this campaign.

  3. The AJA Organisers forgot one more important point in their charges against Modi Govt. as his Govt. has recently decided to grant citizenship to the asylum seekers of neighbouring country in Assam and West Bengal on religious line in total violation of the provision of the constitution of India wherein it has been clearly stated that no discrimination would be meeted out to any section of population on the basis of their believes but the Modi Govt. decided to allow the citizenship to the Hindu asylum seekers while denying the same facility to the similar lot of Muslim asylum seekers only due to their faith.
    This is in total violation of UNO charter also on which India is a signatory.
    All right minded popeople must take note of this against their recent move.

  4. He may not like to hear this. But so many trips, all with some religion in it has been very obvious, especially by completely ignoring the minorities. These rallies cost them mega bugs. In return, they just get Modi’s subtle proselytizing and stuffed animal hugs. He should not forget that SC might have been asked to give their verdict w/o penalizing him. But the international court didn’t give him visa. His supporters/financiers could not help. He should slow down, and go only when due and formally invited. His home front is in complete disarray. If he is away from his place, he is not working either. Enough is enough.

  5. degrading the Indian PM , very much expected from india muslims living outside india … but we don’t give a damm … modi is still on top of the charts

    • Mr. Sharma is urged to develop the habit of reading unlike Sanghees. He should be aware that AJA organiser is one Mr. Robindra Deb and not only the Indian Muslims living outside India. Mr. Modi can not leave the spots he acquired during Gujrat riots of 2002. The hard liner Sanghi mentality Hindus living outside India may not be able to wash his stains of Human rights violations despite organising not only but many high profile Visits/ receptions.
      His swatch Bharat scheme failed, his high election propaganda promises of bringing black money back to India within one month after sitting on the throne of power failed. His ” Make in India ” propaganda is dissipating. Despite low price of oil, his Govt. failed to make Indian currencies stronger. Where the Indian Muslims or the Muslims of India living outside comming in the way ? These are the realities! A Govt. of a country like India can not be run on hollow promises. The charts of popularity will show the place if not sooner then later.

  6. It is not me who is putting all those negative bill boards. In addition, 150-500 “biggies” signed an open petition to prevent his visit to the Silicon Valley. Billboards are just a substitute. I don’t want to respond to your generalized “rebuking” me only because I am Mohammad Hassan. A better way to expose me would be to write a rebuttal to any of my comments/replies. Otherwise, better keep your prejudice to yourself. Maybe, one day you would grow beyond these, God willing.Best of luck!

  7. Another reason for the missing credibility of ModI’s face-to-face claim of better governance and evading/avoiding of the traditional Raj bureaucracy not being implemented when returns home and his base (RSS) starts_pushing pressure on his development agenda. The international business world has now confirmed by their own sources, and are expressing their concerns via billboards and open letters. Now the time has come that PMNDM has to use his muscle power to deliver what he espoused during his campaign, before he becomes also ran.The decision is his, Here, the case does not involve any M&G, RSS can take a back seat, I humbly suggest. Modi’s professional support abroad is waning fast.


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