Muslims must salute these Hindus

SR Darapuri,Mukul Sinha, Ashish Khetan,Kavita Krishnan,Teesta Setalwad, Sanjiv Bhat,.

By Syed Zubair Ahmad,

Prophet Muhammad says: ‘Those who are not thankful to the people are not thankful to God’. The Muslims who proclaim to be the believer of Quran and Hadith seem to have stopped practicing many virtues mentioned in the holy book and practised by the Prophet including being grateful to the people and God alike. Apart from developing many demerits they have also turned ungrateful lot. Neither have they any feelings for the suffering masses nor do they support who fight against the injustice and exploitation. They are indifferent to the sufferings of mankind; they are not concerned about the atrocities and injustice being faced by the humanity in general. Their pathetic and indifferent behavior doesn’t end here. They don’t even lend any kind of support to those who raise voice against those atrocities.

We have seen what happened after US-led attack on Iraq. While the oil rich Arab nations and their rulers were enjoying the luxuries peacefully, the European and Americans came out on the streets of Paris, London and New York in millions to protest against the attack on Iraq and Afghanistan.

Not only masses strongly protested against the US-led attack on Iraq but politicians, columnists, writers, university professors, Hollywood actors, singers, dancers, human right activists also came out on streets to protest against the American atrocities on Iraqi people. Such people are not only the proud of West but also the essence of humanity. The Muslim world must salute them.

Late Hemant Karkare, the bravest and the most honest policeman in modern Indian history

Now coming to India, who are strongly fighting against the atrocities and injustice and exploitation being committed on Indian Muslims? Are they Muslim politicians, Muslim human right activists, Muslim police officers, Muslim journalists, Muslim writers or Muslim religious organizations? No. They are our Hindu brothers who are fighting against the atrocities and injustice being meted on Muslims. They are Hindu politicians, Hindu human right activists, Hindu Police officers, Hindu lawyers, Hindu journalists who are tirelessly fighting for the cause of Muslim community.How can the we forget the bravest and the most honest Hindu police officer Hemant Karkare who unearthed the terror network of  Saffron Brigade and successfully removed the permanent terror tag from the face of Muslim community ! The 200 million Indian Muslims will be grateful to the honest Karkare forever . There  are thousands of  non-Muslims who are fighting  against the injustice and atrocities being done to Muslims. There are Teesta Setalwad, Sanjiv Bhat, Mukul Sinha, Ashish Khetan, SR Darapuri,Kavita Krishnan, Harsh Mandar , Rajiv Yadav and Atul Kumar Anjan. These are a few names I have mentioned, we can find such Hindus in every village and city of India who oppose injustice and who are always ready to fight on behalf of Muslims. Muslims must salute them and be thankful to them.

Rihai Manch Dharna against the killing of Khalid Mujahid in police custody.

How thankless Muslims have become can be seen on the street of Lucknow where the people attached with Rihai Manch are sitting on dharna for last 26 days. They have put mainly three demands to the UP government: (i) suspend and arrest police officers guilty of arresting and killing of Khalid Mujahid; (ii) take action as per the recommendations of RD Nimesh Commission; (iii) release the innocent Muslim youths falsely implicated in terror cases.

Shamefully, barring a few like Zafrul Islam Khan of Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, SQR Ilyas of Welfare Party of India, Mohammad Ahmed of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind and Sharif Ahmed, Mohammad Suleman of Muslim League, no prominent Muslim leaders came up to support the indefinite dharna of Rihai Manch. The Maulanas of Nadwatul Ulema even didn’t think it right to support the people of Rihai Manch even verbally . No Firangli Mahli cleric came out of their Mahal, no Kalb came out from Farrash Khana in Lucknow. Neither Chacha (Fidae Millat…) bothered to support Rihai Manch nor Bhateeja (Qaede Millat…) uttered a single word in support of Rihai Manch. Neither Bukharis went there nor Naqshbandis and Raza Khans bothered to support them.

When Khalid Mujahid was killed in police custody on 18th May Muslims rightly condemned the Muslim political leaders for keeping silent on the custodial killing. But there is no condemnation or protest over the criminal silence of the Milli organizations and religious leaders who are mum over the killing of Khalid Mujahid.

Muslims have not made a permanent agreement with Samajwadi Party or any leader. Our support to any one should be issue based. If Modi bans liquor in Gujarat today, we must support him; likewise if Mulayam Singh justifies or gives lame excuse for the custodial death of Khalid Mujahid we must oppose him tooth and nail.

Muslims must salute justice loving Christians and Hindus. Muslims must be thankful to the   organizations like Rihai Manch. They are the pride of India, they are the essence of humanity, they are silver lining in the dark cloud.

Christians and Hindus are playing their part by opposing injustice and atrocities meted on Muslims all over the world. Are the Muslims playing their part by protesting against the injustices and atrocities committed on non-Muslims in any part of Muslim world? Did Muslims ever protest against the atrocities on Dalits and Tribals?

Fighting against injustice no matter who are the sufferers is among the basic teachings of Islam.



  1. It is indeed a shame that as a community, our attitude has become very casual towards the suffering of oppressed. The dharna by Rihai Manch has been a good eye opener of sort to highlight this issue. If we continue in this path, then the day is not far, when we will be publicly branded as communal and turn a blind eye to our sufferings.

  2. very good article… hats-off to janab Syed Zubair Ahmad sab. and its an slap on our Muslim political leaders and so called Rehnuma-e-Ummat.
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  3. Absolutely Muslims must salute these people from non-muslim community who have fought & are fighting for the cause of Muslims. A very renowned international Muslim speaker once said in Egypt when Husani Mubaraq was the dictator for decades the Ulema there gave fatwas that democracy is haram,but after the arab spring & ouster of Mubaraq during the election time,the same Ulema gave fatwas that boycotting elections & not voting is haram. Similar is the case in UP,all these ulema’s & maulana’s are mere bootlickers of the party in power,they don’t care about the atrocities done by the govt on muslim umma nor do they protest.

  4. Indeed we are grateful to all such nice human beings and justice loving individuals and groups from every community for raising their voice effectively.

  5. We must appreciate their works who risked their valuable lives to serve humanity particularly Muslims, their precious contributions to Muslim victims are unforgettable, they are always in first row to offer their legal assistance, &logistical support to Muslim community, if I am not exaggerating they are far better than our few Muslim leaders whose hearts never beat for a moment in term of Muslim issues, it is our duty to back them so that they may fight tooth and nail for our rights for long time.

  6. Dont misinterpre Quran Ayyat ..thrie is lot of diffrence in thankful and to salute some on…salute is not desired action in such case..try to know entire back ground of testa….

  7. Hats-off to Jb.Zubair Sb, a really eye opener and big slap on so called imam and muslim leaders who are always keen to clicked and called rahnumaimillat actually these are the shame for the community and dalal of religion, we must and be a muslim a obligation to thanks all those who are fighting against injustice and suppressions, may Allah SWT guide us all to raise our voice against all sort of evils…Amin!.

  8. Lagta hai Zubair sahab apna zehni tawazun kho chuke hain…………..It seems he lacks knowledge and manners of a civilized journalist or academic. Bombarding allegations over allegations on the whole community, depicting them as though they are apathetic, senseless, callous & inhumane morons. First of all, apparently he has not written this article to extend gratitude to those who stood for the Muslim cause, rather he has seemingly written this article to blame Muslim community for the very atrocities which have been committed against them, giving impression that he is the only outstanding personality among the Muslims who is coming forward to pay off the debt owed by the whole community.
    His arguments from the very inception have been flawed, baseless and unsubstantiated, rather absurd. His arguments manifest that he is unaware of the situation and behavior of the Muslims worldwide. It is well known that superficial knowledge leads towards blunders; and that is the case here. The quote that has been cited by him is nowhere found in the Quran. Indeed it is a Hadith ?? ?? ???? ??????? ?? ???? ???? ” Who does not thank people cannot thank Allah”. Secondly, how come does he know that Muslims do not have any feeling towards the people of other faiths and “They are indifferent to the sufferings of mankind; they are not concerned about the atrocities and injustice being faced by the humanity”. Can he put forward a single humanitarian crisis or an atrocity faced by “mankind” or “humanity” where Muslims stayed silent. He may not find any because that “mankind” and “humanity” is at large the Muslim community itself. It rarely finds a time when it can freely breathe which is really unfortunate. As for those who stood by the oppressed and raised their voice against injustice, undoubtedly they should be thanked, appreciated, praised, supported, adored, and acknowledged. And thats what we Muslims generally do, even sometimes over-emotionally and blind-folded. Probably this was the reason which gave rise to the leaders like Mulayam Singh Yadav. Muslims have been deceived over and over again by these kind of opportunistic leaders who keep the Muslims weak, while supporting their cause ‘apparently’ and ‘partially’, giving them nothing tangible, creating fear among them of ‘others’, instilling their necessity and indispensability in their minds.
    Yes of course there are sincere people among the Non- Muslims who are raising their voice against the atrocities, who are always admired and thanked by the Indian Muslim community in different capacities. Probably this is the reason why Shankar Acharya Sri Nishchalanand Saraswati, Udit Narayan, Rita Bahuguna and others could be seen as chief guests in Muslim functions and conferences.
    As for the issue of rihai manch and their demands, we totally agree that these legitimate demands should be met and innocents be released immediately. The sacrifices of rihai manch should be acknowledged and their cause be supported along with the political and religious leaders who show their solidarity with the issue. However, the factor that consolidates the thesis of this ‘short’ comment, established in the beginning of the comment ki Mazmoon Nigar sahab apna zehni tawaazun kho chuke hain, is the statement of the article-writer that “The Maulanas of Nadwatul Ulema fix the shoes in the foot of Mulayam Singh”. This uncivilized and unparliamentary language against the religious leadership only reflects his sick mentality and lack of respect. This is an ever-existing dilemma throughout the history with the Muslim populace that it looks towards the religious leadership at the time of crisis, while neglect them when it comes to accept their leadership socially or politically. The story starts from Izz ibn Abdussalaam and passes by Abul Kalam Azad and still continues. Abul Kalam Azad despite being the most genius person of the time was betrayed by Muslim masses of the time. Being a religious figure he could never secure the support of Muslims as enjoyed by ‘Mr’ Jinnah. The very same attitude is exhibited towards the religious leadership at our times today. First of all, Nadwa does not need Mulayam Singh or any other leader. On the contrary, they need Nadwa and keep on paying official and unofficial visits to it. Whereas, Nadwa refuses to extend its explicit support to any political entity including the ones emerging from within. Second, Nadwa is an educational establishment and not a political enterprise which is expected to participate in protests and strike. As for offering support to collective Muslim issues, official platform is All India Muslim Personal Law Board for Nadwa as well as other such institutions.
    Of course the voice against the injustice should be raised remaining in constitutional bounds and through democratic ways whosoever the victim is. The case of Khalid Mujahid should be represented democratically and strongly. Nevertheless any voice that has a potential to shatter the already fragmented Indian Muslim community should be discouraged.

    • Many of your observations are correct, the writer could have written it in a different way and touched the issue more logically and gently. Though unaware of the Editor cum Author, I applaud his endeavours.

    • beautiful Sarwar sahib. while reading the article all these thoughts crossed my mind.The writer has definitely if not lost his mind but is playing more loyal than the king. true we should be thankful to those non muslims who have been fighting for our cause knowing full well that we are not at fault and hence their support. nevertheless we are greatful to them. moreover it is the people from majority community who can voice their concern or protest as they are never looked upon as suspects while every muslim in India is suspected of being antinational.a mistake done by one leads to the whole community being painted with same brush.true that we have turncoats and traitors between us but those are in other communities too. couple of points
      1. deoband is under constant vigil and cannot afford to tell the truth as it will soon be gaged.besides as rightly pointed out they are a teaching organisation not a political one. it is only under govt. pressure that they sometimes blurt out statements that are seemingly political.
      2. the argument about muslim world not standing upto the minorities is unfounded. nearest example is pakistan. minorites if on one hand are persecuted ,they find voice in liberals in majority community. read dawn news , the frontier post, etc.
      3. iraq war had opposition every where,india , pakistan and rest of muslim world. saudi arabia was not much enthusiastic as they percieved saddam as direct threat to their fiefdom.hence no protest.
      the author has pointed out good things but has gone a bit overboard.his view is at best parochial about his own self. needs to get out of self flogging mode.
      qudos sarwar sahab.

      • SALAM,

        Sab se pehle shukriya un sabhi ka jo masoomo or nirdosh k rihai k liye zaddozahad kar rhe hain..!
        1. Muslim world not protested in favour of their minorities…Pakistan jo ki ek Islamic desh hai..badnam hai apne kattarta k liye ne Rimsha Masih case mein ek hafte k under us ladki ko riha kiya jisme Gustakh E Rasool ka elzam tha our ek Aalim jo bada hi asar rasookh wala tha ko arrest ek example hai mein Geo and Dawn news dekhta/padhta hun mujhe samajh hai wahan ki Minorities ki kitni qadar hai jo wahan ki abadi ki 5% bhi nhi hai…Pakistan mein Hinduon ki abadi 5% na rah kar bhi wahan k parliament mein 25 se zyada MP Minorities k liye seat reserve hein…hamare desh mein Minorities muslim ki abadi 25% hone k baad bhi kitne MP Muslim jain sabko pata hai sath hi sath hamara mulk Secular hai isko zahen mein rakhana hai.
        2. Muslim world protested agaisnt Iraq war… Ye sach hai Saudi King ne support na kiya ho Saddam ka mager akele saudi mein 2003 mein 17500 protest rally nikali gayee in favour Iraqi people…Jara ankhein khole our dunya ko broad mind se dekhe.

        3. Muslim not supporting Minorities….India/China/USSR and Germany ka jitna salana budget hai usse kahin zayada..I repeat usse kahin zayada Middle East se logo paise apne mulk mein bhejte hai jinme non Muslim ki tadad 65% hai..Abhi mujhe to Economics Science ka nhi pata aap hisab laga lo k kitne Non-Muslim family depend karti hai Middle East pe..jahan woh puri azadi our izzat k sath rah rhe hai. Middle East mein Indians ko jitne izzat se dekha jata hai utna kisi our mulk k logo ko nhi..They will ask you first our you Hindi? if you said yes they will not ask you abt your religion..Hindi Means OK.

        Abhi our bhi hai likhne ko….

    • Mr. Sarwar,
      Yes its hadith “Who does not thank people cannot thank Allah”.
      In addition , in quran allah says “Ya ‘ayyuhal lazina aamanu kunu qawwamina bil qist” (O ye who believe! Stand firmly For justice).or (Qawwamina means flag bearer). O ye who believe! Be Flag bearer of justice.

      Just by having an silent support stand u cannot be a flag bearer. You have to be actively involved in all issues of mankind and humanity. You have to strive & struggle to ensure justice for every poorer section of society.

      I agree Muslims will not support atrocities…. but tell me till how much extent they will go stop it, if it is not on there individual , and to some extent if its not on there QAUM.

      I will reiterate, just by silent supporter of peace & justice u cannot be flag bearer. U have to lead this struggle. We as ummat have to lead the whole humanity, its our duty.

  9. The god topic spoiled by this ill informed author of this article. He is not thankful to even those who has helped them recite kalma to be amuslim. His disrespect to Aulia and Buzrugane din is shameful. This author is mere BJP man who are out to confuse the muslim. I do not consider mujahis a muslim and secondly I feel he has died and not killed. These protest are political game being played to destroy muslim unity which has resulted in highest no. of muslim winning UP election. Regarding thanking Hindus or Christains I fully agree to thank any body who has offered even a smallest help and this is common among muslim. I have seen muslim saying Shukria and other saying sorry so this is the difference. I dont know who is those muslim who is not thankful to those hindu whose name he has mentioned, Yes these wahabi who are behind this manch called rehai are really thank less people who dont even thank our own Rasool Allah Sallalhu Alaihi wa sallam. You claim that you are a syed and I doubt.

    • Can you explain what you mean when you say mujahis was not a muslim. How you know that rihae munch is wahabi? If they are bjp agent then whose agent is akhilesh yadav. He can put an end to munch politics by meeting their demands. What stops him?

    • aap aur aagaye wahabi hanfee karne……jo baat ho rahi hai uska jawab dijiye ..kisi pe kisi tarha ka ilzaam na lagaeye

  10. I salute Syed Zubair Ahmed on touching a topic on which most of us, Muslims, are not giving much thought. Respecting those non-Muslims who stand for justice, civil rights and rule of law does not mean hating or belittling our fellow Muslims. Love begets love, respect begets respect, toerance begets tolerance. It cannot be achieved by shouting from our rooftops that we are the best community and our ways are the best. Our lifestyle and attitudes should make others say it.

    • Well said.. Just like kids do what parents do rather than say…What we do really matters rather than what we say or shout. Actions speak louder than words.

  11. its true that we Muslims have lost our sensitiveness and are keeping mum on most issues related to us ,it has been rightly pointed out by zubair sb that it is our non Muslim brothers who are fighting for our cause .we must strongly stand by them and as of now the dharna by Rihai manch needs more support from the community in general and its leaders in particular .

  12. It is such a insightful story and relisation selfish attitude of Muslim community. I 100% agree with your statement that Muslim community are not playing their role in public life. I am very thankful to you to raise this concern. I also think the same way, the way you think. Recently I got a chance to interact with university students and I told them the same thing which you have raises in your story. Insha Allah, we may be able create an environment for desired chnage.

    May God bless us all,

  13. Dear Sir,
    I just read your article . It was an awesome work and I really appreciate your frank and on your face article. I sincerely believe that people of any faith need thought leaders like you to take people of different religion on the right path. Being a very liberal person, I still can’t fathom the fact that religion for many across faiths has not remained a part of life, it has become “the life” which is dangerous trait to have. Every teaching of our holy books is manipulated to increase intolerance for others faith. I sincerely hope we get more thought leaders like you in all faith.
    Regards. Saurabh kumar jha

  14. Whilst the stand of non-Muslims need to be applauded, it seems to me that we fail to note the achievements of members of our own community. This lack of acknowledgement does nothing but portrays an image that Muslim’s are hopeless and helpless.

    It’s time that we change and recognise and promote the contributions of our own community also. If you don’t do it then carry on living as the underclass.

    • Coz hindu are in power. Power takes care of itself. Muslims are powerless in india. They need help which comes from outside muslim community. Simple.

      • coz u dont know how to use the internet ……first learn that then u will find names of muslims who have helped any non muslim

  15. Dear Sir,

    There are lot Hindus from various level are helping to Muslims in either political, social and educational.

    I am hearing from many Muslims that, in school many of non-Muslim teachers are even paid poor Muslim student fees. In political & social activity and governmental level many non-Muslims activities are bringing Muslims problems in the public to know the world.

    Example Mr. Karkare. We salute him. Many Indians are even Muslims too think the bomb blast in India was done by so-called Indian Mujahedeen and such. But he proved that other hand in this tragedy even he got pressure from politicians. Because of that he lose his life. He is a real hero.

    But in fact if you see what Muslims are doing such voice against atrocity for other community issue, less or nothing you can say. Example Sikh people murder by politician at the time of Indira Gandhi killed, Orissa Kandamal issue against Christian and against corruption and national welfare and many. So how Muslims are expect others to come and help them? Wake up Muslims.

  16. “The Maulanas of Nadwatul Ulema who fix the shoes in the foot of Mulayam Singh didn’t think it right to support the people of Rihai Manch. No Firangli Mahli cleric came out of their Mahal, no Kalb came out from Farrash Khana in Lucknow. Neither Chacha (Fidae Millat…) bothered to support Rihai Manch nor Bhateeja (Qaede Millat…) uttered a single word in support of Rihai Manch. Neither Bukharis went there nor Naqshbandis and Raza Khans bothered to support them.”
    Is this the right way to talk about scholars and leaders of your milli organisations? Try to find out why they were not there. Were they approached? Why should “Chacha”, “Bhateeja” and the Firangi Mahal maulana come there — to be abused which was going on when I visited the site? Is it a proper way to call senior Shia scholars as “Kalb”? They have their names; call them by their names as Allah has ordered us. Tell us which Nadwatul Ulama maulana fixed the shoe in the foot of Mulayam Singh? Abu Asim was being abused there as if the dharna is to abuse him only – something I later publicly denounce. Media gives you freedoms but not the freedom to abuse and slander.
    Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan
    Editor, The Milli Gazette
    New Delhi

  17. Interesting article. I hope this is not a true mirror of muslims over the world… and it is just india. but why just talk about muslims… people in general have become ungrateful and have started taking everything for granted… including parents. communities are a step away from that. Hope this changes… well written

  18. Nice article, by Syed Zubair Ahmad sb, indeed an eye opening article…… the every era of human history people like Mir Jaafar born and died however struggle should not hampered due to such people.

  19. Undoubtedly. These are the ones who selflessly serve the society without differentiating the caste , creed or religion.

    India is proud to have such gems.

    God bless them.

    NOW let us talk business.
    1.Talk about them is society and social Media.
    2.Befriend them in Social Media.
    3Help their cause by contributing my opinion Muslim mirror should take lead for this issue.

  21. Another thing I would request you to take up strongly ,is that we should DISCOURAGE and expose those NOT SO FAMOUS leaders,lawyers,Police Officers who are harming and cutting roots of Islam.

    For example SIT Members raghwan , RSS Think Tanks like Tarun Vijay ,Balbir Punj (now he has become famous by being VP of BJP..I have been reading his articles since last 25 years .he spits Venom…) Local Antimuslim officers,leaders


  22. All are Congressi agent….

    Try how much hard…but Mission 2014 ,we will bring BJP in govenment & Modi our PM….

    then what will happen to these people..


    • Modi will be your PM not Muslims unless he accepts Muslims as Indian Citizens and respects them.
      Its true for those who dont believe in Supreme AAKA. For the believers Supreme AAKA, Allah ‘Azwajal, will make your little AAKAS forsake you when you will need them the most.
      Muslims dont fear persecution, they have been persecuted for 1400 years now. They fear disobedience to their Supreme AAKA by remaining silent on these persecutions.

      • “Muslims dont fear persecution, they have been persecuted for 1400 years now”

        what a great lie.. did u hadn’t read india mediavel history of muslim invaders.
        lakhs of destroyed temples still present are saying the tells of “best reliogion on earth” somnath,ayodhya,kashi,mathura are still standing to slap on your face.
        crying abt baabri masjid, made after destryoing the mecca of hindus. do u have care for sentiments of hindus.. ur safe the speaking because hindues are secular.
        u froget the partion of india by zid of muslims 7 direction action call of jinnah killing thousans of hindus.yes there can be some god people but dont copare them with islam

      • do appreciate and salute them… because each and every community should be equally nourished for the shake of India’s uniform development… but honestly I believe in each and every part of the world the minors should be equally protected , nourished and taken care of and as a result the entire world will become superb…. isn’t it a nice approach in a broader sense…. live and let leave should be our ultimate motto at the global level…. may almighty bless us all

      • After Seeing the Present Situation in Indai, I like to see the BJP should form the Government, As a Muslim i will vote for BJP.

        Thank you.

          • Has Modi eliminated muslims from Gujrat. In fact those who had left Guj after riots, have in fact come back and are gainfully employed. Shame on your communal mindset.

        • If you are voting in India this mean you are illegally voting here. How a person staying/working in Behrain can vote here. You have close relationship with illegality right from the time your mother conceived.

          • haha nice reply , by the way for everybody’s notice u can go and vote in the Indian embassy if u r staying outside india , you just need to take ur voter id and passport with u

  23. All humans are children and descendants of Adam and Eve, hence brothers and sisters. Everyone should respect each other.
    By hating because of different religion/faith leads to nothing.
    Death is inevitable and each and everyone’s turn will come and will be answerable to the personal deeds–good and/or bad.
    Persons belonging to one faith and working to find justice for people of other faith are to be honored and they are true human beings. Kudos!
    In this case, the helping Hindus should know that their deeds are appreciated by their brotheren, Muslims.

    • Sir, please let me assure you we Indians are not Adam and Eve’s kids and for sure no BC inbred which this Adam and Eve thing will make us. From the article and discussion, it have been very clear that Muslim remain non Indian in thought and soul and operate im Us Vs Them paradigm. Dont blame others when they too work in similar paradigm dealing with you.Dont expect any thing diferent of you keep approaching India, Indians as a Muslim and not One of them Indian which will rightfully earn nothing but contempt.

  24. I absolutely agree with Dr. Saif Sarwar and myself take the opportunity here to manifest my own views in writing regarding the most abhorrent and ridiculously articulated article written above by Syed Zubair Ahmad. The first principal of journalism that should always be kept into consideration is that one should never paint everything with the same brush which Syed Zubair has most preposterously manifested in his biased article. Himself being a Muslim does not necessarily entitle him of carrying a license to disrespect the whole community. He should be courteous enough to the Muslims that they have not stripped him yet for calling them “thankless Muslims” as he most audaciously stated. I am not against journalism but it should be objective and not subjective to purposeful contempt and disgrace.

  25. 1st of awl,thnku zubair sahb..yeh sb chze achi h,magr inse yeh sachchai toh ni bdlegi k hamare yaha har muslim ko hikarat bhari nigah se dekha jata h,blki azadi k 67 saal baad b jb ham secular hne ka dawa krte h,bicharo ko kuchla dabaya jata h,qki wo ryts ka dhang se istemal nhi kr pate,q qki educated nhi h,or jb tk hmare desh ka har muslim bachcha kattarta ko tak me rakh’kar QALAM,ZAHER, banne ka spna nhi dekhne lagega or 2no dhrm0 k log ek fmily k rup me sthapit nhi hnge,tb tk ye post hme srf dilasa dngi.

  26. hame(majorities) ko har muslim bhai ko hamare desh ka hissa samajhna hoga,n modi,owaisi, jaise kutto ke kehne par talwre utha lene se agar bach paye to nishchit taur par hamara desh apne aadhe fasado ko khatm kar chuka hoga,or bhaiyo koshish karna k apne dharm k sath sath desh ko b sarvopari(sbse upar) mano or koshish krte raho k hindu muslim bhai bhai ka nara buland rahe or ham bina kisi ladai jhagde k ek shant or sabhya desh ka exmple dunia ko de sakein..mai ek hindu hu or har bhartiy musalman mera bhai h

  27. Muhjori , Sinajori k mamle me.. 98% musalmano ka koi jawab nahi hai..

    Muh k mujahid, kalam k sher.. Amal k maidan me ho gae dher..

    Musalman hamesha ye tawakko rakhta hai k hr taraf se us ki bas… Tarif hi ho..
    Tamam musalman victim bnkr apne aap ko majmui taur pr khud ko Farishte samajhte hai..
    Wo samajhte hai k khud ka dur dur tak koi kusur nahi..
    Kusur hai to sirf gairo ka hai..

    Ab zara muslim bahul elakon me nazar daliye..
    Ya muslim mumalik me zankiye..
    Waha pr 24so ghante kaun kis se ladta hai ?
    24so ghante.. Kaun kis se nafrat krta hai ?
    Kaun kis ko hakir samazta hai..
    Padausi kitni muhabbat se rahete hai ?
    Dar asal musalman hi musalman ka jani dushman hai..

    Aapas me ladte wakt badi himmat,dileri aur jaNbazi se ladte hai..
    Magar asli dushman k samne bade nek aur saleh ho jate hai..
    Aapas me dil khol k ek dusre pr zhute elzam lagane wale musalman..
    Asli mujrim jo gair hai.. Us pr sachhe elzam bhi nahi lagate na jaddojhad krte hai waha pr victim bn kr ye log apni pith thapthapa lena pasand krte hai..

    Dusri taraf jo enko insaf dilane k liye ladta hai.. Us ko kuda krkat samajhta hai musalman..
    AAM musalman na en mujahidon ka ( NGO ) na shukriya ada krta hai.. na kabhi en ki tarif krta hai.. na en k trust ko donat krta hai na Madad krta hai jis wakt en logo ko.. zalim jhute elzamo me fansate hai..sirf es wajah se k ye NGO musalman k liye ladai ladte hai..
    Jab ye NGO kisi mushkil me fanste hai.. Us wakt musalman khamoshi se tamasha dekhta hai.. Aur ahesan faramoshi ka subut deta hai..

    Jab koi musalman en NGO jaise logo ka shukriya ada krne k liye kuch likhta hai apil krta hai.. Touce aise nich aur ibn e tawayaf ki aulade nasihate dekr zalil krti hai..
    Aur ha.. Teesta ji pr elzam lagakr FIR krne wala musalma k ghar ka chirag hai..
    Firoz Pathan es ka nam hai..

    Modi Gujrat ko Spain banana chahta tha..
    Magar Teesta jaise , Shabnam Hashmi jaise log Apne NGO lekar modi k piche daud pade.. Aur modi ko jail k karib pahucha diya hai..

    Siyasi neta o ki Jai ho kr enke pairo tale khush rahene wale musalmano ne kab ?
    Teesta, sanjiv,shabnam, Ashish khetan, Tarun Tejpal, Ram Puniyani,Pande.. Etc (lambi list hai)
    musalmano ne kab en jaise Hindu o pr phul brsae ?
    Wakt e fazar..

  28. What should have been the duty of muslim ummah and our so called muslim leaders ,infact they have handed over the baton to non-muslims to serve them.Our muslim leaders from both Congress and samajwadi party cannot disobey their masters otherwise all the previlages they are enjoying will be automatically snatched by thier respective cunning parties.Just recall the deafning silence of congress muslim leaders at the time of Babri Masjid demoloition and shocking picnic trip of Azam Khan & co to Europe when the children in Muzzaffarnagar were dying due to chilling winter.Time will teach them a lesson.

  29. This is a fantastic and contemporary article. It highlights the need of the hour and muslims need to come out from the hallucination created by Maulanas and radical muslims. I know some people will oppose this article because this article is against radical thinking and also lacks sentimental statements helping in widening of trust between religious groups. After all how long Indian muslims will have to follow bukharis, deobandis, barelwis and ignore their duplicity??Enough is enough.

  30. I appreciate the article and would like to pay my sincere thanks to my Hindu brothers and sisters who are fighting for the cause of the community. At the same time it would not be useless to admit that the community has been so much harrassed and put to oppression so many times that it has lost to react to the sympathy and good will of our other fellow country men. The big ones among us are occupied with serving their self-interests and quite oblivious to the pathetic condition of their brothers and sisters. Allah has entrusted with them the responsibility to support their underdog brothers. I am sorry to say that this is not a healthy trend that others are fighing and struggling for our rights and we are advertently busy in proving our cast, our group and our sect. better than one another at the cost of our honour. That’s why I always lay stress that muslim should unite themselves under common minimum programme to struggle for our cause. But the biggest question is who would like to see the muslims united.

  31. What a shame! Instead of applauding idea of raising the voice against injustice, we want to shoot messenger. With all due to respect to all the elders, maulanas and others, we need look our self.

  32. I am from rajput family we serving nation from generations and I too as an army officer posted in Kashmir .. when I got posting there I was very excited because it was beautiful place .. we pass months in chilling cold there … family sickness was there but a relief that we r guarding our country and our country people live a happy peaceful life … but our myth breaks with riots between Hindus n muslim … kashmiri people for whom we are always ready to take bullet on our head treat us as beasts .. so for whom we are sacrificing our life ??? For whom we live on that place where life is not possible ???? Why Muslims can’t think they r Indians ???? …. Islam is a great religion please don’t spoil it for revenge ….. revenge will never end please be responsible and live peacefully in this heavenly mother land <3

      • abe deepji kyun bheje ge abhi to teri maa behen se dil nahi bhara hai hamara….sale busdil kandu naam likhne ki to himmat nahi hai ….

  33. Do not forget that the Milli leaders the writer mentioned have been working on the field all the time to promote peace in India. just sitting on Dharna is not all that is enough for removing attrociities. This is what called Chamatkar ko namaskar. Take your time to understand. by trying to be thankful to the Hindus you are turning to be unthankful to your own fellow beings. hope you got it.

  34. I must admit that I am not very conversant with the events taking place in India. However, I have many friends from the sub-continent and I have the highest regards for the Hindus of India. My many visits to India has convinced me that India is the most tolerant country – socially, culturally, politically and religiously in spite of pockets of criminal elements all around the country. But criminal elements abound in all countries of the world, only more so.
    It is easy to condemn Syed Zubair Ahmed and his article on “Muslims must salute these Hindus”, but his opinions are not at all far from the mark. Looking at the conflicts and atrocities in and among Muslim people and nations around the globe, it becomes easy to see how Muslims have ignored, misinterpreted and misunderstood the teachings of Islam. As a result, they are too busy fighting among themselves and have little time for compassion for others, although Allah Himself is compassionate and has repeatedly asked Muslims to show compassion to the less fortunate.
    A small minority of Muslims create havoc with their intolerance, fanaticism and extremism depicting all Muslims as devils. Muslim leaders, both religious and political leaders often fan these violence for their own interest. The tragedy is that the majority of decent and God fearing Muslims remain silent in the face of adversaries. Apathy is not an excuse and, therefore, the silent majority of apathetic Muslims must share the responsibility. I salute the Hindus.

  35. Apka artikal galat disha marn chala gaya,mr.Mukul sinha ,tista aur sabhi log tarif ke kabil hai ,aapne unke kam ke bajay maulana aur buzurgane din ke baremain saval uthay magar ap ye bhul gaye ki ye sab apne lavel par ground level par kam kar rahe ,har kam ko ek dusare jodha nahi jata aur kuch karna hai to inke bhi hum ko khali jagah bharni hogi,hum unko hindu-muslim main divid karte hai par woh puri insaniyat ke humderd hote hai.At last i proud to our brother who serve every human to this kind way.

  36. Learn MUSLIMS….learn to fight for others and not for self
    millions and millions of Hindus are fighting for your rights…and you ve been killing them in your countries

    • bhai moo ki karne se pehle internet pe pata karo k kaun se muslim desh me hinduo ko mara ja raha hai…thoda research karo to pata chalege ki hum musalman kitni madat karte hai non muslims ki…..aur waise bhi ye article ek musalman ne likha hai …hindu to kabhi apni ghalti nahi maan te humme itni himmat hai\

  37. There are many Muslims organisations ,who represent themselves as promoter/protector/well wisher to Muslims …and also most of the Muslims have accepted them as such but i was always curious about these questions?

    1.Are they concerned about real problems of Muslims, if yes how they are trying to overcome it?

    I think few of real problems of Muslims are:

    1) Education in general….how can a student who learns from Madarsa compete with students learning from D.A.V,D.P.S? though there might be good madarsa too but i am sure they must be very few in number.

    2)Education of girl child…..though this is general problem of India in whole but comparatively girls from Muslim community lag behind.

    i would like to add here…assuming females compromise half of all the Muslims population and if they are kept away from education we can never uplift the life standard of Muslims. Also few are lucky to get in schools but they dont have freedom to choose career . Most of the Muslims have reservation towards particular type of job and profession that these profession are not meant for girls which shrinks the choices for them.

    3)View towards family planning……again this is common problem to all community but in Muslims we find its more common…

    imagine a Hindu who earns 15000 per month have two kids and is using means of family planning.

    on the other hand a Muslim who too earns 15000 per month have five kids and his wife is again pregnant.

    Now , whose kids will will have better food better educations better everything cause in today’s world quality of everything is dependent on the money you spend.

    Since these organisation have mass appealing and large followers they should use there positions for better social conditions for Muslims at large, and if they can motivate Muslims for whom to vote and whom to boycott i guess they can do these too.

    India can’t be a better place, a better country without Muslim being well off ,without Muslims having better life.

    Also variety, diversity is fun… imagine if you travel from kashmir to kanyakumari and all you see is people with skull cap white pathan kurta and ankle length pajama or where ever you go you find a everyone with red tilak on there forehead.

    and lastly i wana say that religion/belief is personal highly personal…
    it should not be affected by viewpoint of others..but sadly in india people always find reason to be offended…

    we barred a writer who wrote something on Islam, we barred a painter who had drawn images of god/ess …if we really believe on our faith we should have left the act of punishing on god themselves…

    but see the verdict of god these people have prospered lived a happy life and is renowned .

    so as long as sin is just religious i think instead of we acting for judgement we should wait and pray whom we believe ,,whom we think is offended by these sins..

    so if a muslim eat beef and a hindu thinks its sin or evil ….why dont he pray to god to act and watch instead of being personally offended and acting anything violent….

    one more thing as a human if i will be sadden by news of Muslims facing trouble in India or in Palestine , i will be equally sad by similar news of hindu in pakistan or bangladesh…

    but i wonder how could someone hold there emotions of sadness on misfortune of others by connecting it with religions….


  38. The ‘Hindus’ you have mentioned in your article are well-meaning people who are fighting for a social cause out of conviction. By praising them and projecting them as ‘friends of Muslim’ you are undermining them. This way you are not doing any service to your community or to these noble souls either. The best way to express gratitude to them is to support their endeavours for a just and fair society, even if it means thinking beyond Islam and Muslims. Moreover, Maulanas and Ulema, and for that matter any knowledgeable person must be respected no matter whatever be the provocation.

  39. Very good article. May allah bless you!
    Baat ka chbhna zaruri hai…. chubhegi nahi to asar nahi karegi!!!

    Its hadith “Who does not thank people cannot thank Allah”.
    In addition , in quran allah says “Ya ‘ayyuhal lazina aamanu kunu qawwamina bil qist” (O ye who believe! Stand firmly For justice).or (Qawwamina means flag bearer). O ye who believe! Be Flag bearer of justice.

    Just by having an silent support stand u cannot be a flag bearer. You have to be actively involved in all issues of mankind and humanity. You have to strive & struggle to ensure justice for every poorer section of society.

    I agree Muslims will not support atrocities…. but till how much extent they will go to stop it, if it is not on there individual , and to some extent if its not on there QAUM.

    I will reiterate, just by silent supporter of peace & justice u cannot be flag bearer. U have to lead this struggle. We as ummat have to lead the whole humanity, its our duty.

  40. No faith supports inhuman behaviour. All teachings of all religions preach brotherhood, compassion, love etc for all living creatures. It the people who interpret the teachings in order to keep their power intact, mislead the people by wilfully wrongly interpreting the teachings. Unfortunately the interpretation of quran is placed in the hands of either illiterate people or semi literate and they in their self interests mislead the people on the right meanings of the teachings. Increasingly religion, especially Hindu religion has become more ceremonial with the result that the real meaning is lost on the peoplej and we remain where we are in the quagmire of this mundane world.

  41. Article successfully serves it purpose inviting varied comments. Not wanting to repeat what all has been said, I respond the call to join those who appreciate and are grateful to these stalwarts whose names are given in the article, for there incessant support and working to save the community. Many Muslims like me are grateful but perhaps do not take initiative to express their gratitude on a platform so there voices are not heard. We must thank the author for providing this opportunity. I profusely thank him and all those who raise their voices for minorities, this is what is the role of Majority community which they are doing very well. They are the saviors.

  42. This is an excellent article aimed at promoting peace among people of all faiths. Moreover, it is a lesson for those who wrongly stereotype that all Muslims provoke violence. Hats off to the author! I have witnessed a significant number of white Australians joining their Muslim brothers in voicing against the military operations in Palestine and even I was motivated because of them.
    First of all, when a Muslim asks to salute the fair Hindus (I am neither a Muslim nor a Hindu) quoting the words of Prophet Mohammed (although I am not sure whether the quotes are exact), it cultivates among non-Muslims, a feeling of admiration towards the Islam teachings. If you think laterally, you will realise that tolerance gets you a better image than what defending/fighting does.
    Historically intolerance leading to persecutions and wars has been existing for ages from ancient and medieval period to this 21st century in different forms i.e. religion (even creeds within the same religion), language, ethnicity, caste, political affiliations, social customs etc. No religion possesses clean chit in this regard. It is always good to correct the mistakes of our own community rather than/before taking potshots at other groups, since such criticisms might look apprehensive, given the sensitivity of such issues. As a responsible Muslim, Syed Zubair Ahmad has done that; as a responsible Christian leader, Pope John Paul II apologised for the church endorsement of crusades.
    People should evaluate issues on case-by-case approach and not with prejudiced opinions. Religious doctrines could be interpreted in different prospectives. Any interpretation or ideology leading to violence should be summarily rejected. I am in favour of some of the thoughts of Rajeev. If you are very particular in doing something only for your religion, do something for the downtrodden in your religion. What happened when British disrespected the religious sentiments of Hindus and Muslims by introducing ammunition greased with beef and cow fat? First war of Indian Independence erupted. But the hospitals and educational institutions established by them could have caused conversion to a greater extent.
    God is pleased by humane atheists than inhumane devotees.

  43. Thanks to the author and all the readers who have contributed with their posts. This is probably the first time I have come across such a civilized debate focused on the issue rather than targeting the messenger. Healthy discussions will make us learn agree to disagree and consider others view point without resorting to name calling or fighting. Well done all!!

    • Muslims will salute all those deserving citizens without blinking an eye. Do you have doubt. The question to ask is will you salute as well ?

  44. After reading this article. ….I agree with author tk some extent…..
    don’t mind….
    now can any Muslim or non muslim …indian or non indian…..answer my question. …
    what u did when indian army conquered our kashmir in 27 October ….
    what r u doing to f kashmir to free it from indian occupieation. ….
    what indian muslim did for kashmirs against indian curility. ….
    If kashmir is dreaming if freedom today ….iits credit goes to afgan n pak bro…..who sacrificed every thing for us from 1947 till today. …..

  45. due respects should go to those who dedicate their lives for the right cause.they demand it.those who have forgotten their own job ,u can not expect some thing good from them. muslim have forgotten their own job that is dawah to muslims and non muslims a result they are neglected by body can raise him up if he is neglected by Allah.if u do this job u will rise again like sahabas did.There must be a co-ordinated body for dawah to non-muslims who propagate islam to non-muslims to make them understand what is islam .o muslim nation of the world ,wake up,start giving dawah to non muslims even at some costs of money and body ,u will get reward. non-muslims are un-aware of the very thuth that all religions have been banned by Allahat advent islam since 1400 yrs ago. a clear declaration i quran, no system whatsoever will be accepted other than islam and muhammad is the last prophet(means success of humanity lies in following the life and deeds of muhammad only). So whatever good deeds the non muslims will not be acceptable to Allah to give reward after death. the life after death is the real life of reckoning which will last for ever.

  46. congratulation on your article muslim must salute these hindus. from the muslim community of south Africa keep up the good work you doing.

  47. Not only We Muslims but whole Nation,. Always salute these Hindus,. Late Hemant Karkare,SR Darapuri,Mukul Sinha, Ashish Khetan,Kavita Krishnan,Teesta Setalwad, Sanjiv Bhat,. They are GREAT RATTAN OF MOTHER INDIA> God Bless all of them for their sincerity.They tell the TRUTH and no LIE..

  48. What a half baked report from a bigoted ignorant journalist… If he wishes to be addressed so. Having ruled India for 700 years at the first place to be called as a minority by itself is shame on part od these Muslims. Enjoying all the previewed and shamelessly shouting Pakistan zindabad is limit of their patriotism. Indulging in terror activities and biting the very hands that feeds them shows their trust and love. Please stop writing all this bull shit. We know who you are and we know how to respond to you filths. Period.

  49. Muslims have great regard for Hindus fighting for justice.It is wrong to assume that muslims in Arab World were enjoying while muslims were being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.Irresponsible muslims or humans enjoy anytime of their life …till they themselves become victim…


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