Saudi condemnation is growing for declaring Muslim Brotherhood a terror outfit


king_abdullah_1439115By Muslim Mirror staff writer,

New Delhi: The condemnation of Saudi rulers is growing up for declaring Muslim Brotherhood a terror outfit. After Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama, leading Muslim scholars and  organizations have come down heavily on the Suadi government for its decision of declaring Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas as ‘terrorist organization’. They said on Friday that Saudi rulers, who claimed to be custodians of Holy Mosques, have hurt the sentiments of Muslim all over the world by this unjust and anti-Islamic decision.

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), Markazi Jamiat-e-Ulama, All India Deeni Madarsi Board and many other Muslim organizations have strongly criticized Saudi Arabia’s move to declare Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization and urged the Saudi monarchy to immediately review the decision. JIH chief, MaulanaJalaluddin Umri said that the movement started by the Muslim Brotherhood is based on Islamic principle so banning it would definitely hurt Muslim world over. He also lauded the role of Muslim Brotherhood in bridging gap between different Arab nations. He said Muslim Brotherhood as an international reformative social organization and Hamas is an organization that is fiercely resisting Zionist state in the Middle East.

Chairman of World Islamic Forum Maulana Esaa Mansuri, Fatwa Mobile Service’s Mufti Mohammad Arshad Farooqi. Madaris Board’ s chief Maulana Yaqoob Bulandshehri and  Jamiat secretary Maulana Feroz Akhtar Qasmi  said in a joint statement  that  Saudi rulers  have committed a grave sin by declaring Muslim brotherhood as terrorist group. They asked King Abdullah and leading Ulama of Saudi Arabia to revoke the decision with regard to Muslim Brotherhood. They warned that Muslims all over the world will protest and condemn this act of Saudi Arabia. They also urged the Saudi Ulama to pursue the Saudi rulers for taking back the decision. “It is the duty of Saudi Ulama to pressure their Saudi rulers in this regard as Muslims are enraged over the decision.”

They pointed out that Muslims gave reverence to Saudi Arabia because it is home to Islam’s holy places as they have no love for the despotic rulers of that country who are stooge of Western powers.

Earlier, Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama, Lucknow has taken the lead in this regard by snubbing Saudi delegation’s visit to the historic institution. It described the Saudi government more ‘oppressive than the Modi government of Gujarat and newly enacted Saudi law more draconian the TADA and POTA.

One analyst said the condemnation by the Indian Muslims should be a wakeup call to the Saudi rulers who played a dirty game in the ouster of President Mohammad Mursi’s elected government last year. He warned that the Saudi ruler’s should not take for granted the support of Indian Muslims as it can buy loyalty of some religious organizations by using its money power but not the Muslim masses.  It is puzzling that both the factions of Jamiat-e-Ulama Hind are mum on the issue while one cannot except that Jamiat Ahle-Hadees, the oldest religious organization which claimed to be vanguard of Islam, would  dare to open its mouth against the Saudi rulers.



  1. This show of anger against the Saudis indicates Indian Muslim leaders are more concerned about Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi government than the political, social and economic conditions of Indian Muslims. It is time they pack their bags and their institutions and move to Egypt which is the headquarter of the Brotherhood. In India Muslims need leaders who care for them and not indulge in religious politics

  2. People who r condemn saudi arab is real terrorist .muslim brod. Is a terror group whole world have seen this when brod. Had killed muslims in misra, and other part of muslim country. So this is clear that why indian muslims supported .cause they dont want to finish terrorism in the world.maulwi and muslims allover the world r supported laden they conduct special azan for laden when he had been killed by america.

  3. It is too much giving respect by keeping silence to the kings of arab, We have to condemn hardly and teach islam to those who became hypocrites. These kings of arabs have taken surity of their security by solding their imaan to the americans & jews. I supplicate to allah to send sultan salauddin ayyubi (ra) ASAP to free Masjid Aqsa. and remind my muslim brothers to get prepared to fight against these fitna’s of shaitan.

  4. The Saudi Arabia declaraing the Muslim Brotherhood a terror organization means they are following Zoinst policy, actual terrors are Saudi rulers, they are following America, Isriel;s foot steps
    All Muslims must condemn the decision of Saudi Rulars..

  5. Dear Sir or Madam
    When the Muslim Brotherhood attacked Christians in Northern Egypt this has already declared them terrorist.

  6. “Thou wilt surely find that, of all people, the most hostile to those who believe (i.e., in this Qur’an) would be the Jews, as well as those who ascribe divinity to aught beside Allah (such as the worship of idols) and thou wilt surely find that, of all people, they who say: “Behold, we are Christians” come closest to feeling affection for those who believe (in this Qur’an): this is so because there are priests and monks among them and because they are not given to arrogance.”
    (Qur’an, al-Maidah, 5:82) – Comment: And Russian orthodox Christianity with whome we are going to make an alliance. – Allah knows best

    “Oh you who believe (in this Qur’an), do not take (such) Jews and Christians as friends and allies who themselves are friends and allies of each other. And whoever of you (Muslims) turn to them (with friendship and alliance) becomes, verily, one of them; behold, Allah does not guide such evildoers.”
    (Qur’an, al-Maidah, 5:51) – Comment: And America (Christian) and Israel (Jews) are in alliance of each other. And Saudi is friend to them. While Russia is not in alliance with America or Israel. So we muslims are most probably going to make an alliance with Russian orthodox Christians.


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