‘Terror Convict’ Himayat Baig to be BMP candidate for Lok Sabha from Aurangabad


1873725By Abdul Bari Masoud, M M News,

New Delhi:   In a bid to send a strong message to the practitioners of terror-politics, the Bahujan Mukti Party (BMP) is planning to field the German bakery blast ‘convict’ Himayat Baig from the Aurangabad constituency in Maharashtra in the ensuing general elections. His lawyer Mahmood Pracha has claimed that Baig had no role in the blast and has been falsely implicated and he is seeking his bail.

The newly-formed Dalit-based party BMP, which has strong presence in the Maharashtra, has announced that it will make Himayat Baig its  candidate from Aurangabad seat in order to give a sense of feeling to those ‘innocent’ youths who have been rotting in jails without any crime.   Patron of the BMP and president of the BAMCEF Waman Mishram told Muslim Mirror that by fielding Himyat Baig, the party wants to give a strong message that it is with the oppressed people and to boost morale of arrested youths. He said Baig’s lawyer Pracha assured him that he will deal the legal hurdles coming in the way of Baig’s candidature.
Waman Mishram said Pracha had informed him that  three different agencies, National Investigating Agency, Delhi Police’s Special Cell and Bangalore Police that have conducted investigations in the German bakery blast, have said that they have not found Baig’s involvement in the blast case and only Maharashtra ATS has insisted that Baig had a hand in the blast. Pracha added that he would be applying for bail for Baig as there has been substantial evidence for his innocence.
Baig was sentenced to death in the German Bakery blast case based on a charge-sheet submitted by the Maharashtra ATS claiming that Baig along with Indian Mujahideen operative Yasin Bhatkal conspired to carry out the blast on February 13, 2010. The explosion that ripped through the eatery killed 17 people and injured 64 others.

The BMP is seeking an alliance of all weaker sections of the society including Muslims on a plank of creating a ‘representative democracy’ in which every caste and community has a say and participation.


  1. Alhamdoolillah. This innocent boy was sentenced to death without any substantial proofs. Thats Blind Indian Judiciary. Hats off to his lawyer Mahmood Pracha. May Allah Preserve him.

    • The judiciary found that he was innocent. Journalist Ashish Khetan proved with his sting operation that Himayat Baig was innocent. Now you are saying that he is “terrorist”.

      In India police and prosecution falsely implicated huge number of innocent Muslims in terrorism cases ant many of them have been acquitted by the courts.

      An MNC executive Wasif Haider of Kanpur was charged by UP ATS as “dreaded terrorist” involved in several terror attacks. Arms and 65 kg explosives were also found with him, ATS chargesheet said. In the media he was identified as the “terrorist from Kanpur”. Eight years after, the courts found that all charges against him were false. The jury even reprimanded the prosecution in some cases.

      Read/view the stories of Haider here:


      1. “India aims to end unlawful detention of Muslims,” (Deutsche Welle)

      2. “Acquitted man takes three dailies to court for calling him “terrorist””(The Hindu)


      1. Vaardat: “I’m not a terrorist”, Wasif Haider (Full story)

      I can get you scores of such examples: Student Md Amir, Journalist Mutiur Rahman Siddiqui, Infosys engineer Rashid Hussauin……..

      The latest framed terrorist is Nasir Hussain who was acquitted by a Lucknow court last week:


      “Swami’s testimony frees terror accused after seven years in jail” (Indian Express)

      You are a Muslim-hater- you are unmasked.

  2. tamam mulnivasi bhai or bamsef bhart mukti morcha bhjan mukti party insabhi ka ma shukriada krata hu allha kare ine dushmao ke nazarse bacaerakhe


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